Confusion for readers trying to place comments on the blog.

Unfortunately, as many readers may have noticed, the comments were being 'invaded' by advertisements for web sites. To stop this we are now using the ‘word verification tool’. To place comments, readers have to type the words shown on the screen into the ‘word verification box’ before submitting. Apologies if this is leading to some confusion.

As many of you are new to the blog, we would like to point out that Jon does not have access to computers or the Internet. Jon hand writes the blogs and mails them to us (his parents in the UK). We type them up and post them onto the blog. That is why the blogs are always posted later than the date Jon writes them.

We also deal with the many emails sent to Jon’s email address We are happy to forward the emails to Jon and he will reply, but it can take up to ten days to reach him by post and another ten for his reply. If you would like to write directly to Jon, - and receiving correspondence is the highlight of his day, his postal address is below.

It is his birthday on the 28th October, if you would like to cheer him up with a greeting!

Thanks again for your tremendous support.

Derick & Barbara

Jon’s address:
Shaun Attwood ADC#187160
Santa Rita Unit 4-D-11, PO BOX 24406
10012 S Wilmot Rd
Tucson 85734-4406, Arizona, U.S.A


Ynot59 said...

Ha, a Scorpio. I should have guessed.

Well mate, I'll raise a toast to you at the G&D's Halloween party.

Stay strong.


Kat said...

Hi Jon,
Sorry haven't written, I know you cant see this unless your family sends this. But God is with you!! I can't see what you are going through, but you are closer to getting out. Everyday!! One Day Maybe I can see your Home Journal!!
lol Sincerely, Kathy