17 September 05

Book Stoppage

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Anonymous said...

The post for Shaun's wish list, doesnt seem to be working for me.
Takes me to an error page at Amazon.com

Anonymous said...

Great sense of humour and perfect English, as well! Enjoyable,very enjoyable reading.
I tell you something, I’m not reading that much recently as I was reading 10 or even 5 years ago. Why? When I take a book I often have a feeling that I know in advance what it would be about. Maybe for my age I ‘ate’ too many books when I was a teenager? Overread? Who knows, but what I know is that very rare books are enjoyable for me. And your journal is among those that provide food for the brain and soul and reflection. I want to say “thank you”. So let me say - THANK YOU for the wonderful and at the same time awful story. I hope this letter finds you well and I also hope that I brought something good into your life also with that reflection. Don’t like being indifferent. I wish I could say ‘thank you’ for every good writer. But you know the problem that most of them are dead.That’s why I’m happy to thank you:) Getting boring here, I presume. Need to quit.
Bye, and be well.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much you've opened my eyes to a parallel world that I have ignored for way too long. Believe me when I say you've inspired me, like you have so many others, not only to appreciate life but to strive to excell akademically (<--ha!).
Keep your head up over there, your message is being heard loud and clear and you are positively affecting more people than you know!!!
Your friend,

Jon said...

Re the first comment - the wish list page seems to be working ok, it is probably a browser problem on the user's computer,
Jon's parents