5 October 05

New Store Ownership

There is a notice on the control-room window:

As part of the Statewide Privatization of the Inmate Stores… the store operations will be transitioning to a private company, Keefe Commissary Network (KCN).

The entire shopping process will change. You will be submitting a Scantron form or ‘bubble sheet’ itemizing which products you wish to purchase.
Instructions for completeing the bubble sheet will be published soon.
As in all new procedures, we expect glitches, especially in the first runs.

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Anonymous said...

Here are a few of their offerings -- http://www.keefecommissary.net/Products.htm -- hope these seem more appealing than what is available to you now. The prison industrial complex is not known for its service and variety sadly...

Anonymous said...

He seems to be losing it a bit? The quality of the posts are getting more more storylike.