04 Nov 06

Question Time

Jamie of Lower Watts House, Oxon asked the following four questions:

I’d be interested to hear your personal views on the need for men to create a space equivalent to the one occupied by feminism.

What would be the reason for such a space? If we lived in a society of women descriminating against men then perhaps I’d be a masculinist. If such a society sounds abhorrent, then imagine how women who were treated as men’s chattel felt. The history of gender relations is a dark sky of man’s inhumanity to women, barely punctuated by a few stars – such as Sappho, Elizabeth 1, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Sojourner Truth. If Annie Proulx, Margaret Atwood, and Alice Monro had been born before Jane Austen, we probably never would have heard of them or their literature.
It’s thanks to the women’s movement that sexual inequality has been reduced – although it is still prevalent. With men having the upper hand, I see little need for masculinism.
Although I support women’s rights, I am against the extremities of some feminists. It seems counterproductive to the movement when a feminist such as Andrea Dworkin says, ‘All men are rapists, and that’s all they are.’
Would the world be such a bad place if women had more power than men? Would the world be such a bad place if women threw us men down and paddled and spanked us on a regular basis? Women - especially yoginis – seem to have the caring and nurturing qualities that would make the world a safer place. Let’s forget Nietzsche’s Ubermenschen – bring on the Superwomen.

Do you consider yourself as entirely straight?

Prison seems to quickly clear up sexual ambiguities. There are people here who consider themselves straight, yet are fellated by shemales. No matter how feminine their faces, I am unattracted to fellators who possess penises. Although I can see why women are attracted to the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Keanu Reeves, I would not like to have sex with any of them. Some of the best massages I’ve had were done by men, during which, I never felt any sexual arousal. I consider myself straighter than a John Holmes hard-on.

Assuming you’ve still retained your anal virginity, how do you feel about gender in terms of comradeship with those inmates you’ve got closest to?

My friendships are based on personal chemistry. Gangsters, homies, transsexuals, booty bandits, madmen and murderers: I have friends in every category. I accept all shades of gender. I do not base friendships on how masculine or feminine a person is.
I like to write about human extremes, whether gender extremes (as in Xena’s case) or otherwise. But taking Xena’s femininity out of the equation, I would still hold him in high esteem because he is such a caring and colourful character.
Your assumption about my anal virginity is correct. Despite all of the moves made by Frankie and George, I expect to return to England still a virgin.

Are you able to receive CD’s?

No. The ADOC does not allow CDs. I can receive cassette tapes provided they are shipped directly to me from tape vendors, and the plastic must be clear (most are).

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I love Alice Munro. She is probably the best short story writer working in English today.

- grace

Anonymous said...

A world ruled by yoga practising females! Aghhhh!!! what a thought!!!

Chris Hawthorne said...

You can see why he's asking though.

Personally, I think the world has gone PC (politically correct, not Personal Computer) mad. All to often things are turning on their heads.

You often see women only gyms. Women only car insurance. All deemed appropriate. Yet a mens only golf club is classed as chauvinistic and unacceptable (in the immortal words of Super Nanny). A mens only gym would be closed down. A mens only car insurance would be drowned in complaints.

I don't agree with it either way. I think we're all equal and should be treated as such, but it is wrong to go from one extreme to another.

I blame all the bra burning feminist hippies listed above by Shaun!

Anonymous said...

with the election of Hillary Clinton as the deomocratic candidate, this might not be so incredible but I don't think she's a yogeeni