29 Oct 06

The Royo Romance

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Here are some excerpts from a letter written by Royo Girl after the two summer visits:

I could not have been more ecstatic to receive your letter. Reading the first one filled me with joy. I was, however, disappointed to read the second one attempting to undermine the first….

In my second letter, I had called into question my earlier outpouring of emotion.

Before I had even received your letter, I had written and mailed my own. If you had had the opportunity to read mine before yours, you would not be embarrassed about what you wrote. In fact, my letter is intensely more embarrassing. But I was very honest about what I was thinking and feeling. I hope I did not go overboard.
At the visit, I had felt so at ease with you that the surroundings were only minutely noticed. I was completely surprised about the way I felt. I have not been in prison nor deprived of attention from the opposite sex and I still felt that way. It leads me to wonder if you would feel the same under different circumstances.
I put your flowers in water as soon as I got home. They are still sitting next to my bed. I even took some pics of them so they will never be forgotten.

Take care of yourself,

Royo Girl

ps I was wearing
Guess Perfume
pps This was sprayed with Hugo Boss Women

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Anonymous said...

There definitely seem to be mixed messages in the letter. How have things progressed since then? There is a large temporal gap between your last Royo Girl blogs and this one. I assume there is much more to come? Can't wait to hear more.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Royo Girl is still on the scene...

Anonymous said...

1st,I have to say hats off....have enjoyed reading your blog,and thanks to those who posted for you.You've learned so much & I've learned from you..2nd, Royo girl,from the little I can glean, is just what you need for now. later is what i would worry about. there's a lot of life for you to live . be sure you do it on your own terms.you've learned alot about yourself..don't toss that out.