18 Oct 06

Family heads to Phoenix for the Hearing

When the visit ended I hugged Mum, and she said she would do her best at the clemency hearing tomorrow.
“Don’t worry," Dad said, "once they see us they’ll let you out.”
“More likely double your sentence,” Mum said.
“I've written a character reference, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to speak up for you,” Auntie Lily said. “I’ll probably be crying too much.”
“Do what you can,” I said. “You’ll be there for me, that’s all that matters.”

I do not attend the clemency hearing. I’ve applied for a small reduction off my sentence on the grounds that I’m a first-time, non-dangerous offender with a good track record, extensive accomplishments while in prison, positive goals for my release, and strong family support.

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Anonymous said...

hope the hearing goes well Jon

Anonymous said...

What is the outcome of the hearing? I can't believe we are left wondering. Let us know. I hope it turned out positive.

Anonymous said...

Dear john and Family.
I hope that the hearing went well 4 you. Like a Parole hearing i know that it can be stressfull, Be prepared and strong together.
and expect the best outcome.

Inside/Out Prison Initiative
& Fathers In Prison.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I'm just up to the Aunt Lily visit part of your blog. She sounds like a card. I could never discuss earthy subjects like that with any of my relatives, particularly not with my parents. I really hope you get a shortened sentence...

Anonymous said...

Auntie Lily sounds as if she should be on stage (ha ha)

John said...

Best of luck Jon; we're wishing you well in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I peaked at his prison file, I suspect his hearing did not go as planned. I could be wrong? later

Devout Melist said...

It is startlingly depressing to read the entries backwards. If I had seen the posting time of 11:11, I would have enthusiastically said, "Make a wish." But, it just seems so depressing now...