15 Oct 06

Marriage Talk

“Did you have a good visit yesterday,“ Weird Al asked.
“Yes, very good,” I said.
“Did you ask Auntie Lily to marry me so I can obtain British Citizenship?”
“I certainly did. She said yes, as long as you’re rich, and she’s handsomely rewarded.”
“I’ll make sure she’s handsomely rewarded.”
“Mum said that Auntie Lily would probably be crying when I first saw her at visitation, but instead she was shielding her eyes from the sun reflecting off my head. She called me a bloody orange Buddha.”
“I’m starting to like the sound of this Auntie Lily. Does she have a hairy back?”
“I can’t confirm it, but I suspect she doesn’t. She does have silver hair like you though.”
“Is her hair as dignified as mine”
“Yes, every bit as dignified.”
“Oh. I have a message for you from Yard 4.” Weird Al grinned. “Frankie asked me to tell you that at 6:05 pm you are to touch yourself and think of him and he will do likewise.”
“How sick. What’s he mean, he’ll do likewise? Is he going to touch himself and think of himself?”
“I’d rather not think about what you guys have got going on. Anyway he said to tell you that you’ll be receiving a letter from him, and not to think just because you’re on Yard 1 that the gay marriage is off. Perhaps Auntie Lily and me, and you and Frankie can get hitched at a double wedding.

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