09 Jan 08

New Clothes

When I first lived in America in 1991 I went to a gym wearing clothes from England and people looked at me as if I’d committed the crime of the century. The unwanted attention, explained a friend, was due to my black socks. So, I got rid of the black socks and for sixteen-and-a-half years wore white. Upon returning to England last month, I met various friends who were horrified to see my white socks.
“In England, we wear black socks,” Hammy said.
“Even with sneakers?” I asked.
“Yes, even with white trainers. Don’t worry we’ll soon cure you of that habit.”
Now I’m back to black again.

My aunt Sue took one look at my clothes – prison blues and sportswear fashionable in America over half a decade ago – and said, “We’re going shopping for clothes. We’ll take my son Mike. He knows all the latest fashions.”
Mike guided me through three stores: Barometer, Blueprint, and Burton. The shoes in Blueprint were narrow and curled up at the toes.
Mike recommended a pair, and said, “They’re dead trendy them.”
Trying them on, I felt like one of Santa’s elves. I opted for two pairs not so heavy on the curl.
As far as tops go, stripes are popular here. I chose three striped tops including a Lacoste shirt. Lacoste was popular when I was a teenager and according to Mike it is back in fashion.
I replaced my prison blues with a pair of VOI jeans, and Sue picked out some dress pants. I traded in my Alien Workshop beanie for a reversible beanie from Burton that is black on one side and striped on the other.

Thanks, Sue, for decking me out, and Mike for the sound advice. I feel swanky in the pointy shoes. Thanks also to Barry in Tonopah for the jacket filled with white down feathers - it is like wearing a sleeping bag in this cold weather.

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Anonymous said...

As a Brit in the US I feel caught between two competing sock cultures. All sock rules are completely irrational. It's best just to go with the local flow.

Lisa B. said...

You should upload some photos of yourself in your new duds ... I particularly want to see the shoes.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing Lisa is.


Anonymous said...

Here in Canada I prefer the black ankle socks, ether people like it or not, I love em.. Yea lets see some up-to-date pics :) please. DB

Anonymous said...

I am so so glad to know that you are out of prison and back at home in the U.K.

Take it slowly- Don't rush it.
Keep up your writing.

with regards and happiness upon your parole,

Anonymous said...

I'm an American and I still strongly prefer black socks over white ones.

White ones begin to look grubby and natty so quickly.

It just makes sense to wear a black item of clothing on the part of your body that comes in contact with dirt, friction and sweat the most.