Video: Aryan Brother Slays Inmate In Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Jail

Here’s a video of inmate, Robert Cotton, getting murdered by Aryan Brother, Pete Van Winkle, at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Fourth Avenue jail. The day after the murder, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release, including this statement, "Nothing out of the ordinary appeared to be happening in or around that cell."
This lie was obviously fabricated to protect the guards asleep at the surveillance screens. It took twenty minutes after the attack began for the guards to respond.
Aryan Brother, Pete Van Winkle, was at the jail on a murder charge. He’d come from a supermaximim prison and should never have been housed in the same custody level as Robert Cotton. This is yet another example of how the gangs are running Arpaio’s jail, and certainly not the staff.

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Anonymous said...

how can the guards allow this to happen?

Anonymous said...

That kind of stuff happens in the jails all over. I have watched Jail guards spend their whole shift on that damn phone, not paying any attention to the inmates or anything. I was in a maximum security in county for almost 2 years and this went on here in california and im sure everywhere. Hopefully someone gets in big trouble for that mishap.


Anonymous said...

Well I'll say this much,I used to work there and sometimes it's hard to see what goes on in the pods and cells from where we are positioned, but I probabaly would have noticed something like that going on.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That scene didn't stick out like a sore thumb or anything!

It's a shame that were going to hear a million similiar stories like this for years to come.

A story I can't stand reading or seeing because it gives your stories and the stories I hear a "oh shit this is for real" and then I think how shameful not just on AMERICANS but as HUMANS as whole!
You know this was over 1 of a few things. Drug debt, earning a patch, gambling debt or more like some ego bullshit that was just portrayed in your story (likely not) but you know.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Robert Cotton.

I will never understand why men feel the need to take another mans life if say this was over a drug or gambling debt? Is there no other solution? Are you men not smarter than that? It's not like he's going to get his money that is owed? Why not fight it out mono e mono? Ughhh just frustrates me.

And there is nothing "brother" like with the Aryan...they are a disgrace and I hate to see Skins go over to what I call "the dark side" because they too will end up in a story like this one day.


Broken hearted Jessica Lynn

JM said...

just ear4lier this year a guy accused or convicted of child molesting was put into a temp cell with a bunch of other guys. he ended up getting the crap beat out of him for a long period of time with no intervention. i understand his jacket of being a chomo makes him a target- but still, just more proof sheriff joe doesnt care. a few years back, a man was picked up for the death of a littler girl. this man was innocent but just happened to be in the wrong place, joe had him put into gen pop and he was beaten almost to death and had his spleen removed.

joe knows what he is doing, this act of lying and then stupidity has been joes calling card forever.

these wanna be tough guys in stg groups go about and do as they please, some guard making chump change isnt going to mess with them. if anything, this guard may have been involved. a strong accusation but come on, how many hacks and co's do we know that do this type of crap. from county jail to state prison, its always the same, corruption and violence rule.

as an atheist, i cant not wish for god to strike joe down or that karma will kick his ass. perhaps he could just drop dead already and spare arizona his ignorant, pompous and senile self. joe-its time to go already, how many people are you gonna let die so you can make money. you suck!
i could go on for hours, but im already rambling on too much. thanks shaun for the venue.

big jason

adam said...

This is beyond disgusting. It's a sick sick system.

Anonymous said...

I almost wish that I had not seen any of that tape but I guess if it went unseen then the story would be unheard and nothing would change... It has broken my heart to witness such cruelty and has also made me beyond angry that the "good" guys let this happen!!! This should never, ever happen again and people should be held responsible for not doing their job starting with the sheriff.

Anonymous said...

My husband was there when Cotton died. He said he didn't notice it and neither did the guards. He only saw what happened when they put everyone on lockdown and carried out Cotton. I have been on the phone many times with him and have heard a lot of stuff go on in the background. He is finally serving a 5 year prison sentence.

Anonymous said...

in texas
this stuff does happen regularly i myself as a troubled youth at 17 i was charged with posession of a controlled and served a grand total of 17 1/2 months getting out right before i turned 19
nothing in jail/prison happens unprovoked or without reason
when i smashed a confirmed snitch it took less than 3 min for the gaurds to run into the tank and pull out the mase but on the other hand i had witnessed someone get smashed with a sock full of batteries so bad that he didnt even live 24hrs in the ICU and and it took the gaurds over 30 mins to find him lying in a pool of his own blood and with as much internal damage that was done there was actualy a good size chunk of his liver on the ground that he had coughed up.
but the moral is that if you have enough power or enough money the gaurds dont see a thing
they are people to they cold careless what happens to you unless you have pissed them off and then they care as long as it is a negative out come for you
and to finish it off i bet he wasnt even a member of the A.B. but since he is white what better way of making the world dislike him label him as part of a "hate group" just incase Pete is a member my sincerist apologies i dont personaly know

yours truely
A Solo Peckerwood