Prison Gang Rape Video

Shaun Attwood talks about the brutal gang rape of a prisoner in Arizona.

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Kathi said...

The story is so nasty but it is so nice to see you healty in this video.


Your Kathi XXX

Anonymous said...

this is what most are subjected to when you go to sheriff Joes jail -yes county jail- not state prison- this where you go for misdemeanors..a possible rape for civil mistakes because his jails are so poorly and cheaply ran...there is not even immediate emergency trauma care due to sheriff joe's priorities.

Good Neighbor

Anonymous said...

I would like to see USA agents involved in crimes of torture get this endings as the former ag Alberto gonzales has earned this for killing people all over the world based on false intel... Get my point!

Jennifer Elaine Elliott

Anonymous said...

a big thank you for what you are doing it is so improtant ,Respect ...much love to you keep it up -peace from germany


Anonymous said...

its a shame what these men have to endure, and no one seems to care.

Sherry Breznicki

Shannon Clark said...

I guess it greatly depends where an inmate is placed-I did worry about this issue where my son is concerned, but it may be that his very crime protected him. He was verbally harrassed on the county level but not hurt because he went in on a suicide watch and mabye seemed mentally unstable enough to be a threat. The only thing I can figure is, he was very fortunate, kept to himself, stood up when he needed to is street smart and smart period. His manner seemed to foster mutual respect wherever he was.

Sue O.

Anonymous said...

How horrific, yet I was glad to listen to you. For one thing, I have two friends in prison, and although they are "street smart," the self-defense information, as well as who is likely prey, may someday help them or their own friends locked up with them.

Chris H said...

Big Dawg

That's some vile shit! Glad no one thought you were hot enough to make the serious moves ;)

Seriously though mate, glad you weren't subjected to this kind of horrific event. Did anything happen to anyone you knew WHILE you were there?

Hugs & kisses

Chris H

Jon said...


A mentally ill youngster was gang raped just months before I got out out. He was moved to lockdown for his own safety.