Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Inmates: You Want TV? Start Peddling! (Phoenix News)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was concerned about the waistlines of some of the inmates at his Arizona jail, so he had an idea. The sheriff brought in an electricity-generating stationary bike and hooked it up to a television set which is powered by the peddler–and if the prisoners want to watch TV, they have to exercise. Arpaio calls his system “Pedal Vision,” and he thinks it may be just the thing to get his inmates in shape.

Produces Power, Burns Calories

According to the FOX affiliate in Phoenix, Sheriff Arpaio’s “Pedal Vision” stationary bike produces 12 volts of electricity when pedaled, enough to power a 19 inch television in the jail’s viewing center. A noise encourages the exercising inmates when their speed has slowed below what’s needed to power the TV. One hour of pedaling equals one hour of television viewing for the inmates.

Right now, the “Pedal Vision” is only available to the female inmate population, but that could all change if the program is a success, so says Arpaio:

"I started with the females because they seemed more receptive to the idea. The only exercise the females get right now is speed-walking around the tents yard and few are doing that. This gives them a reason to get moving and a way to burn up to 500 calories an hour. They won’t be charged a monthly gym fee but they will have to sign a contract."

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Seems like he always has some gimmick to make things harder on everyone. The way it is marketed to the media is even disgusting to me. I hate this man.

Kat said... is never boring with Mr. Arpaio, he always has new nasty ideas...

Matthew said...

I'm a conservative, but this clown is ridiculous. Most of the people in his jail are awaiting trial, thus they are afforded the presumption of innocence under our constitution. Also, I hope the Sheriff himself spends some serious time on that bike as he certainly isn't any picture of fitness himself!

Anonymous said...

How much of state money is he using 4 this?

Stephanie Munoz

Harris County Jail said...

I see people all the time walking around in jail. They believe they are not free to live, laugh, love, and be happy. I love to introduce people to them selves. Education is repetition. It is similar to applying another coat of paint on the wall.

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