Question Time With A Blood (Part 6)

Bones of the South Side Posse Bloods is serving sixteen years for leading a gang, assisting a crime syndicate, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Anonymous said:

I wish you could tell me how to make my son want to leave his gang and stop going back to prison.

Bones' response:

Well, make your son leave his gang. Hmmmmm. Well , I got two ideas. First, you take you and your son and move out of state. That will make him leave his gang. The other is you give him an ultimatum, and tell him it’s either you or his gang. And if he says he can't leave his gang, then you have to be an ass and cut him off. No love, no money, no food, and no shelter. Tell him let his gang provide all that for him. Then when he gets in trouble and the gang lets him down he will call you. And they will let him down one way another. Then you must tell him to leave his gang life and you will help him. Trust me it ain't easy living on them streets, with no love from your family. I know personally.

Anonymous said:

Man, it seems like in all of the gang interviews, they can't help but throw out props to their homies 90% of the time.


It’s called respect! Especially to homies that have died representing the hood. So rest in peace to all Red Riders from S.S.P. Blood gang that have fallen while representing the hood. Much Love.

Gozar said:

Bones, you wrote to your home boy, “One day we will be back out on the streets Bicking it together again.” As a citizen of Phoenix, I can't say I'm all excited about this prospect.


You a should be exited about this prospect. Because we are O.G.’s [Original Gangstas] from our hood [neighborhood], which means we might be able to talk some of these young bloods from jacking [robbing] you, your house, or car fool!

Sue O (AKA Joannie) said:

Thanks for the reply, Bones, and yes, I have a lot of friends who have stuck with me, but the closest people to me are those I met after I sought help for the family when my son was incarcerated...etc. Mostly folks who have given their lives to Christ. After figuring out addiction, prison, abuse and all that junk wasn't living.


There’s no reason to feel square about saying who your real friends are. I have one real friend in here that is into God. Jesus or whatever you want to call it. And that’s all he's into is the Bible and he's a real good friend. But then I also have a few home boys that look out for me from the streets. They send me money, photos, subscriptions to magazines, look out for my kid on the streets when they can. But the most important thing to me is that they have kept it real with me while I have been lock up and before. So to those ones, I will see you upon my release. B-up!

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