All of the original blog entries I pencilled from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Madison Street jail that were smuggled out by my aunt Ann - content not included in Hard Time - are now available as as e-book. My friend Stephanie designed the brilliant cover.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle Edition.

Click here for the ebook at lulu.com available worldwide to all devices, including PC's. 

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

I like the cockroaches they make the cover and yourself of course.


Anonymous said...

I just purchased this yesterday :)


Angela Wunter said...

GRIN Publishing just published ab book about 'blogging behind bars'. In its third chapter, there will be analysed a selected number of weblog entries that are presented on Jon's Jail Journals. Good to know - I think. Here is the
source: http://www.grin.com/e-book/168030/blogging-behind-bars

Jon said...

thanks, Angela, thats good to know