Waterstone's Deansgate Book Signing

It was a lively book signing this weekend in Manchester. I sold 45 copies of Hard Time, helped by Mum, my friend Sue Fox (in the guard outfit below seducing the security guard), and Wild Man. A big thank you to everyone who helped, including the proactive staff who wore prison outfits, handed flyers out, and brought us drinks and snacks. It was also great to meet Claire (top photo) who said she has read every single entry at Jon's Jail Journal.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

I should come to england and steal your thunder!!


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ghost writer said...

Neat photo's, I love the book even if it's not signed by you, it is great just like I knew it would be. You really have a great way with words and explaining the haunting detail of life on the inside. "Keep on rocking in the free world."