New Laundry Bag and Sewage Spill (by the Occult Killer)

Dubbed the Occult Killer by the media, Brandon is serving 6 to 12 years in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. His crime: he killed his best friend in a drunk-driving accident. When police investigators discovered Gothic paraphernalia in his bedroom, they claimed Brandon had committed a sacrificial murder for the benefit of Satan.

Typical Tuesday, busiest day of the week with cell cleaning, laundry and store. Had an appointment to get a new laundry bag (my dose of excitement for the week). They came through for me in a week, a new record. They’re usually six weeks late and ’bout three-fiddy short. Just the latest in a string of epic bunglings. First was the new commissary and it being set up to fail, next the departure of certain staff setting them back six months and over 300 exchanges (and chintzy laundry bags helped!), after that Fisher got fired from the kitchen over a major racketeering scandal sending our food quality downhill faster than an avalanche, finally J-Block went under 18 inches of raw sewage causing an outbreak of hepatitis A, and contaminating everything but the east yard thanks to inmates treading it everywhere. Not to be overly dramatic, but they should have brought in a team on that one. It wasn’t until days later that they gave each side of the block a single mop and a bucket of industrial strength cleaner and went cell to cell. Imagine that, 128 cells, thousands of square feet, two mops.

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leigh said...

hepatitis vaccines would make too much sense to be given, wouldn't they?

was there any shit slinging?

Anonymous said...

damn dude, that is so nasty. I wonder if something like this creates a market for hand-sanitizer, germicides and various cleaning products. Are anti-biotics available through illicit resources in prisons?
I imagine two inmates making a hand to hand trade off of some Purel on the yard while bros keep watch.

stay clean ~big jason

Anonymous said...

I'd guess hand cleaner would be drunk. It was in UK hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: the story about alcoholics chugging hand cleaner in UK hospitals is a myth. Furthermore, there are alternatives that contain no alcohol.