USA jail survivor Shaun Attwood comes to Preston (by Jonathan Gilbert of The Courant newspaper in Preston) 

Jonathan has put together one of the best articles so far. He obviously invested serious time and effort to research my story. He not only wrote about it, but also made audio clips, including my mum's first internet audio (available about half way down the article), two photo albums and a time line. I was extra surprised to see he quoted Sue O and Gab after reading through all of the Amazon reviews. A big "Good lookin' out, dawg!" to Jonathan.

Click here for the article


Anonymous said...

wow jonathan did a good job! very comprehensive.


Anonymous said...

Amazing article Shaun...
....and your Mum rocks!!!!

Charlotte x

Anonymous said...

that journalist has done an amazing job bringing those pictures together.


Anonymous said...

heartbreaking, listening to barbara, thank god its over now xxx love to u all xxxx


Anonymous said...

Great article, it should be read by everyone who cares about human rights.


Anonymous said...

Never seen a piece like it, brilliant. Jonathon has worked really hard on this, its very professional


Anonymous said...

It's brilliant! Well done, Jonathan!



Shannon Clark said...

Wow-I'm quoted. LOL! And I still mean every word I said. The effect of Shaun's story on high school students is what makes this all so powerful-you are changing lives. Great job.

Sue O