13 October 05

Question Time

Rose asked how long I have to serve and the release possiblities.

In June 2004 I was sentenced to nine and a half years. The sentence began retroactively on 16th May 2002 to include time spent on remand at Arpaio’s jails.
Calculating my actual release date is a convoluted process. I have calculations ranging around late 2007 to early 2008. To get out at the pleasanter end of the range depends upon such factors as continued good behaviour, and being processed expeditiously by INS (US Immigration) who will coordinate my deportation back to the UK.

Park-Ex Sales asked how I’m perceived in the prison pecking order, if I’m afraid to move around, and how often people make trouble with me.

Greg, an Aryan Brotherhood member, said that I’m regarded as “someone who just wants to be left alone to do his time.”
Sadly, being an illegal alien stockbroker from England, seems to have precluded my admission to any of the 25,000 active gangs identified by the Justice Department. Despite my protests about unequal prison gang opportuntities, and demands for affirmative action for incarcerated Brits in America in relation to prison gang work (known as ‘doing dirt’), I remain ostracized, and unranked in the political hierarchy. I’m thinking about filing a motion with the US Supreme Court demanding court ordered gang membership. If that doesn’t work, I’ll bribe my favourite shemale to allow me into COX. (Cult Of Xena)

Being locked down for twenty or twenty two hours every day, means I don’t get moved around often. Although I was sweated by a few individuals when I arrived at Buckeye, I did not succumb and now I’m fine. At rec time I play chess with Frankie, who is well-respected and dangerous if disrespected. Although there is an ever present threat of random violence, it is drugs and drug debts that cause the most problems. There are mischief makers but one learns how to deal with them.

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Anonymous said...

Are you really locked up for 20 to 22 hours a day? I know from having read your blog for a while now after being pointed here from the BBC article, that you manage to keep yourself busy but I still don't know how you stay sane. I think I would feel utter dispair & desperation if kept in a cell for that amount of hours each day. Yep you broke the law and should serve an appropriate sentence but 9 years is harsh. I'll keep reading the blog as it's interesting and humourous at times too. Stay safe & best regards.

Anonymous said...

A nice write up Shaun. You have turned around a nightmare situation into a positive learning experience. It will help the time you spend in prison to be less daunting than if you gave in, which in the end would seem as if you were serving a lifetime.

Terry B

Anonymous said...

Fascinating blog. Feel a bit like
a voyeur reading your words (kind of like that guilty pleasure I felt when watching Oz), however, I am appeased by the fact, or maybe
my inference, that you are an academic of sorts.

I read your reading list---don't you have any on your wish list that are more enjoyable. I have a a B.A. in english literature, so I tend to find a little lite reading like Milton always makes me feel better :-). Actually, I abhor Milton, but in all honesty, and I am truly not saying this tongue in cheek, when reading portions of your blog I conjur of visions of various of Dickens' texts. Ahhh, perhaps I have answered my own question about your reading preferences as they tend to focus on the inequities between the affluent and the poverty stricken and/or throw aways in our society.

By the by, I unfortuanately live here in Arizona, and no all to well about the infamous sheriff of or Maricopa County. I moved here about four years ago and it has proven almost deadly at times. I recently went to France with my parents, and I will never forget flying back into this desert after being in Europe. This said, my heart goes out to you being a European native and then finding yourself not only in Arizona but in Arizona a prisoner.

I don't know what you did (I mean to say I read the judgments against you, but I don't know how "badly" you really harmed anyone in the scheme of things---thus, I tend to believe from the little I have read that probation may have been sufficient as it is obvious your are not a murdering thug).

In any case, your blog is interesting to read but simultaneously really sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
What a remarkable person you are...highly intelligent, funny, wise, big-hearted...
You shouldn't be surprised at that sudden surge of resilience, you're a Scorpio - the most powerful of people. They are, either, the very worst or the very best. I am one too!!!
I'm impressed by your willingness to GROW - to make the best of a horrendous situation. Believe me, not many men do that!
I'm a 58 year old (59 tomorrow) woman with a son two years your junior - if you were my son I'd be proud of you - no matter what you've done.
with very best wishes