29 October 05

Thiefe Keefe

The swindling of prisoners by Keefe reached sinister heights this week. None of us have received credit to our inmate balances for overpriced items we had previously refused, so Keefe, in lieu of our credit, asked us to take the following store items: aspirin tablets, Sunkist Orange Sodas, and – the ultimate deal clincher – Hemorrhoidal Ointment Cleaning Pads. Imagine returning goods to Wal-Mart and being asked to take Hemorrhoidal Cleaning Pads instead of a refund.

Upon hearing the Hemorrhoidal Pad offer, the Junior Bull summed up how the Orangemen were feeling when he told the storeworker,
“I feel like pullin’ your ass through the window right now.”

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Anonymous said...

I just want everybody to know how much my wife and i care for jon. we only had the pleasure to see him at our home 2 times and in those two times i noticed a real person. not someone who says he is your friend and then talks talks behind your back. people like that are so hard to find. i get the pleasure of talking to him once a week, and that is truly something that i look forward to. we only pray for his safety, well being and a speedy return to his family. i consider him my best friend. we know him as a friend and feel lucky and proud to say that. the mistakes that he made in the past are behind him and all are forgiven. i know the real jon because you see, i am claudia’s father.