Death at ASPC Tucson 21st Nov

Tragically, on the 19th of November, an asthmatic inmate died in his cell.

According to prisoners housed on Yard 1, the inmate was 31 years old and only had 96 days left to serve.

Some inmates have claimed that the deceased was denied emergency medical treatment, and was seen being escorted back to his cell from Medical, barely able to walk. The medical staff may have erroneously assumed he was faking symptoms.

He died around midday, and his body remained in the cell for several hours after the death was reported because the coroner took so long to show up.

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Anonymous said...

that is the real story in regards to the death of this unfortunate inmate
Death and Detention

More questions arise after a Wilmot prison inmate dies


Tim Vanderpool
In sickness and incarceration?

When we chatted with Bart Graves earlier this month, the Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman estimated Tucson's state prison population at 3,900.
As of Nov. 19, that number is down by one.

Anonymous said...

It was once (that I know of) said that AriZona doesn't have any REAL agriculture: so they farm inmates...

Adam Marsh

I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of this young m