31 Jan 06

Fish Survival Guide

A fish is a new prisoner, usually someone unschooled in prison etiquette. If you know someone who is heading to prison for the first time, you may want to send them this guide. It could save that person’s life. This survival guide was compiled with the help of Xena who is aware of dozens of people who have been smashed, stabbed or killed for violating these guidelines.

1. Stay out of debt – especially drug debts. If you use drugs, know how to pay for them. More people die from being unable to pay drug debts than for any other reason.

2. Know who the gang members are in your race, and know what their rules are. There are two sets of rules: Department of Corrections' rules and the political rules enforced by the gangs – play them in conjunction. For example, befriending someone from another race may get you smashed. Click here to see a video of an Aryan Brother slaying a prisoner who crossed the gangs.

3. Don’t flash money or property around. Most inmates have little or none, and will take yours if they can. If you have money, help your indigent friends, especially with hygiene products. If you have no cash, get a job or try private enterprise (drawing and tattooing are common).

4. Do not be perceived as being friendly with prison guards, or you may be suspected of snitching, which can get you killed. If you know a guard prior to coming to prison, keep it secret.

5. Do not talk about people unless they are present. Do not whine or complain – especially around lifers – or you may get smashed. Don’t lie, and always keep any promises you make. If you’re a short-timer don’t talk about it. Don’t ask people how much time they are serving, or for why. Wait until you get to know them and they are comfortable around you, if you want to ask these questions.

6. Don’t act like a big shot unless you can fight. Bear in mind that if someone challenges you, and you don’t fight, you may be perceived as weak and be taken advantage of by others.

7. Don’t show weakness or let your emotional barrier down. Especially youngsters, who can easily become extortion and rape fodder for the hardcore. Never cry.

8. If you are gay, stay in the closet unless you are prepared to fight people who will want to stab or rape you. If you are openly gay, find a man with power who can protect you.

9. Don’t become obese or you’ll be perceived as unhealthy and weak, to be preyed upon. In prison, more people work out than in any other society.

10. Learn prison slang. Beware of becoming a "torpedo" – usually a youngster manipulated to smash (beat up) someone so that the manipulator doesn’t get his hands dirty. Beware of someone doing an "okey-doke" on you – for example, an inmate lying to you about being called a punk, so that you will fight his enemy. Beware of becoming a "trick-bag" – being manipulated into saying something offensive to another, not realising that you were being insulting.

11. Stay hygienically clean. Being dirty is considered disrespectful, especially to your own race.

12. If you practice a minority religion, you may want to keep it secret rather than risk being smashed.

13. Don’t cut your life short by contracting a deadly disease from using dirty tattoo instruments or syringes. If you have to inject drugs, bleach the works first.

Click here for my jail survival tips.

Click here to watch my jail survival tips video.

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Chris Hawthorne said...

Good blog dude. No doubt this info could save countless lives!

Mention me in your book!

Anonymous said...

hey Jon,
about 2 months ago i was arrested and charged with DUI. 2 days from now i am to serve my jail time for this DUI. 4 hours ago i sat down at my computer to find out what i can take into jail with me. Upon searching the internet for these details i came across your blogs and for the last 3 1/2 hours have have done nothing but read them. im writing you to tell you that your writing is great and has given me something to think about and prepare for what i will come across inside. i hope things get better for you.
Chandler, AZ

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Jon, trying to stay on a humourous note; in other words, 'keep mum'!!!!

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, this was one of the most interesting blogs to read. There were rules in there that no outsider, including myself, would have thought to be such a horribly punishable offence. I am sure that you caught on to these rules quickly and can only hope that you did not run into any unnecessary problems. Wishing you nothing but the best Jony poo



Anonymous said...

Angola Prison inmates, years ago, put together a brochure for fish that prison official distributed upon processing. NPR even interviewed an author/inmate of this pamphlet.

Your and Xena's tips reflect many of these tips.

BTW, your sherish, in due time, will probably face prosecution for his treatement of imprisoned citizens under his control.

All in due time.
You'd be astonished as to just who has noticed, and is regularly reading, your entries.


Anonymous said...

I got interested to know more about this jail thingy after the recent Bali Nine incident in Bali, Indonesia ( nine young adults from Australia caught drug trafficking in Bali in their late teens to 20's get life imprisonment and 2 get death penalty) .My heart goes to these youngsters who has been deceived by many evil -doings of the world. Jons' Journal is very interesting and eye opener to all of us 'outside'. Do keep the spirit up and keep writing. I would say, God is using Shaun to make full use of his writing ability to bring truth about the prison situation . May God bless Shaun and his family. May the Lords' presence be with Shaun day and night, to protect him and to shine light to his path. Jesus loves Shaun and all at home too .Keep writing , good job, Shaun and family . From, Fiona Malaysia

Anonymous said...

How so looking beautifull he is very interesting guy good luck.

Anonymous said...

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Dale Smith said...

Without a doubt, this was one of the most interesting blogs to read. There were rules in there that no outsider, including myself, would have thought to be such a horribly punishable offence. I am sure that you caught on to these rules quickly and can only hope that you did not run into any unnecessary problems. Wishing you nothing but the best Jony poo JMK JMK

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck yo you my brother and I hope you learned from your mistakes..I myself have lived a crazy life and count myself lucky to never have gotten any real time in the system ..I credit that to a family that loves me and the financial means to defend my self in court. God bless

Anonymous said...

I've been in and out of the state system going on 15 years. This is by far the best and most truthful article I ever read. Most other stuff online is straight bs. My best advice is not to go in at all. Also your reputation follows you forever in there, so remember that.

Ganvwale said...

This is really a nice post and i really appreciate your work.


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Max said...

Remember, not every prison is the same, and do not let these rules to scare you.

Jon posted a great guide, but luckily, in many prisons the security levels are high enough to let you live freely of the fears, and actually benefit from your experience. At least that's what I've learned from the University of Solitude, and for me, this book was the real guide on not only how to survive in prison, but how actually become truly free there, for a first time in my life.


Unknown said...

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