07 Dec 06

One Year Left

I have a year left to serve. It’s hard to believe I’m near the end of a sentence that once seemed so daunting. I used to wonder how I'd make it through the years.

Despite the lows, I feel like I’ve become a better person. I’ve learned things I would have never learned without going through this. So in many ways it's good this happened.

Furthering my education has been on my mind. I wonder if this incarceration will prevent me from getting into a British university to do a master's degree? I'm also wondering, out of my main areas of interest – behavioural finance, philosophy, psychology, and writing – which master's should I apply for, and also, to which university? After spending time with my family, I would like to enrol in the second half of 2008.

Any advice?

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Anonymous said...

Congratz on surviving your life's First Crucible. While not pleasurable, you'll truly reap the benefits of this struggle in the years to come -- and so will those around you.

Keep creating.

Don said...

There will be cheers and champagne here in Kansas City upon your release!

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I think it's true, and I was able to share with a female inmate who is determined to get out and stay out, being inside can make you more free than people on the outside. You'll be just fine-there's probably nothing life could throw at you now that you can't handle. Just do it!

Anonymous said...

Jon..do you think you'll keep blogging when you're back home?

adam said...

wow, one little year left, time flys in good company as we say in Denmark... and not only did you learn something yourself - you also managed to teach a thing or two to a few thousand people.

I hope the shock of getting out is smaller than the one of getting in. But you seem to have a robust psyche.

Behavorial finance sounds rather interesting to me. Perhaps combine it with psychology, filosophy and writing eh. Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

I think you should pursue a writing career.

-Michelle (your cousin's wife)

Anonymous said...

You would not be excluded from a University in the UK as it will not be considered as relevant in this country. You may recall the Louise Woodward matter (she was a British nanny found guilty of murdering a child in her care) on her return to the UK she enrolled in a law degree course in Liverpool and worked in a solicitor's officer for several months. Law is a really tricky subject to study and practice as any solicitor in the UK must have an untarnished character to include no serious crimes committed and certainly no jail time served!

My suggestion would be to apply to either Liverpool or Manchester Uni for a Masters course and secure their application pack. I am happy to be a reference for you!

Anonymous said...

It is really good that your imprisonment is in the latter stage Shaun. I hope that when you leave, those left behind will remember there are always people praying for them.
Terry B