11 Dec 06

The Royo Romance (3)

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From Royo Girl:

You and I can never happen and we both know that. I would never want to be in a relationship with someone with your past. And you would never be satisfied with someone who is not half as wild or ambitious as you. You have different goals in life than me and I respect that. So it is not just on my end that developing a relationship would be counter-productive to our friendship.

I’m not denying that visiting you confused me emotionally too. I like that we are the greatest of friends and have that chemistry. Nothing you have said has altered that.
Maybe fate does have some mischievous encounters in store for us. Who knows? I love our letter liaisons and being able to tell you everything. I can’t wait for you to get out. Until then I will keep on writing to you like a letter-crazed maniac.

p.s.this is sprayed with Ghost Cherish (one of my favourites)

To Royo Girl:

Now I see how I fall in love too easily. For a few weeks I was on such a high it was as if I were floating in the sky above the prison. It must be a chemical reaction I have. I know I sound like a loon but it wasn’t all bad. If only I could feel so happy every day. The emotional side of my mind took over. This episode has been a learning experience, and an eye-opener to my emotional immaturity. But even though I take full responsibility for being puddled in love, I would like to point out that if you weren’t so bloody gorgeous and intelligent this would never had happened.

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joannie said...

Sort of a shame to reduce love to a formula-don't blame the roller coaster on immaturity or chemical reactions. Just keep arms and legs inside the car until the ride stops! And don't stop riding...!

Anonymous said...

What do you think "Just keep arms and legs inside the car until the ride stops" is? It doesnt really have anything to do with love does it. Sounds just like another roller coaster formula, what a shame. There is NO simple solution for love, whatever it is that helps a person to understand love then so be it.