10 Jan 07

Question Time for T-Bone

Anonymous asked where the name T-Bone came from.

My big brother called me that when I was a kid 'cause I T-boned a guy on the football field. The guy was laid out with his arms wide open in the shape of a T.

Christine, John, and Anon. asked about staying strong, working out, nourishment and sleep.

The workout is nothin’ without conditionin’ of the mind, body, and spirit. With the mind you obtain faith and confidence. With the body you bring all that into fruition. The spirit, the core, the essence of a man gives you inner and outer insight. When you learn to look at yourself with a positive attitude, in a positive light, you’ll increase your physical attributes immensely but it takes time and patience.
With nourishment you hafta understand that food becomes part of your body and mind. Things you ingest become you. Don’t eat just to eat. Eat for strength, nourishment, and spiritual growth. With sleep, six to seven hours per night is efficient for spiritual growth.
You should exercise to increase your testosterone. Work your legs, glutes, and lats. They’re the three big muscle masses of the body. Havin’ muscle and size shouldn’t be viewed as a means to beat people up.
It’s most important to stay natural. Have faith and confidence and you will succeed. You must stay strong and healthy for many many years.
Peace and good health.

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Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

Unfortunately it seems like most people see only the outside stuff, and someone like T-Bone fits the Hell's Angels, huge hulking black man or psychotic killer caricature of a prisoner.

I found out last night the local prison here allowed several men on work release to come to a Christian 12 step group I'm part of held in a church. The volunteers are awesome, most ex-addicts and former prisoners themselves all about reintegrating these guys back into society in a healthy way. We serve cookies and coffee, talk over issues, pray with them, hook them up with the help they may need. Thing is, the prison needs volunteer drivers to get these guys, and though I'm really excited to meet them, part of me thought if I was a driver, the headlines the following day would read "work release inmates apprehended in stolen car littered with home-made cookies, driver located several miles down the road rendered unconscious by a 5 gallon coffee urn"...old prejudices die hard! Oh, the pastor of the church wasn't keen on us using the church van.

Anonymous said...

Please do give us the low down on prison workout programs.

Sets, reps, how many days a week?

Are these guys getting huge with bodyweight exercises and calisthenics? Or do they have access to weights as well? (perhaps they rig up some makeshift equipment in their cells?)

Does prison food provide sufficient nutrition to provide for lots of mass gains? Or are they sneaking in supplements?

Really interested in this topic, and would love to hear an insider's take on it