18 Nov 06

The Royo Romance (2)

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Royo Girl wrote:

It was embarrassing rereading what I had written to you. What was I on? I agree that we have both gotten swept away in the moment. You for legitimate prisoner psychological reasons, and me … I don’t even know. Perhaps unobtainability has a role. You are most certainly the wrong guy for me.

I replied:

It seems we were too lovey-dovey in recent weeks. My love apparatus definitely went into operation around the time of your visits, but I’m almost back to normal now and somewhat glad you didn’t move to Tucson because I may have fallen for you hard and ended up in the miserable role of prison boyfriend. I don’t regret in any way how I felt for you because you generated a happiness that soothed me for several weeks. It was as if I were no longer in prison.

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Devout Melist said...

But... but you made each other happy. I just don't understand. I fear writing something like "cheer up" will seem poky.

Excuse me, my dorkiness is exposed.

Anonymous said...

That's a bit of a bugger, but you'll be out soon and back in England. You've learned so much in prison, and you have the tools to get on with the rest of your life.
Focus on that, and eventually someone will come along that will make you happy.