Flashback to Yard 4

A Frankie Day

“What’s a typical day like for you?” I asked Frankie.
“First thing in the mornin’, I read the Bible. A chapter a day. After breakfast, I do a little school. A coupla chapters 'cause I’m doin’ mandatory school. Durin’ mornin' rec, I play spades with my homies. I kick back and bullshit with the fellas, and time flies. I've gotta give my homies a little time or else they get butt-hurt. They’re very sensitive. I’ve gotta spread my love.
During count, me and my celly, Speedy, play rummy and argue 'cause he don’t like to lose. After lunch chow, I go to school. Sometimes in the afternoon recs, I come over here and beat you down at chess. Then I go home, get a shower, and watch news and sports.
At six o’clock rec, I watch American Idol.”
“Is that your favourite show?”
The Charmed Ones is my favourite show. It’s about three sisters fightin’ evil demons an’ stuff. At night I’m back at my Bible, sayin’ a prayer by nine o’clock. By ten I’m out.
That’s how my day goes if I can avoid the bullshit.”
“What bullshit are you trying to avoid?”
“You know what I mean, homey. There’s too much drama here. The guys in prison are worse than girls. They’re always talkin’ behind people’s backs.”
“You’ve caused some drama in your time. Now it sounds like you’re trying to be well-behaved?”
“That makes me feel good. I’m tryin’ to lay low, homey. I’m tryin’ to get out. I’m divorced and heartbroken, and in need of cheetos.”
“What about Mochalicious?”
“She won’t mess with a strong man.”
“Gracia’ por su ayuda con mi diario.”
“No probelma, homey.”

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Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I voted for you-good luck!! The thing I find rather amazing is the knowledge of scripture many inmates have. They could smoke the average man on the street, as most people these days don't know the Ten Commandments are from the Bible. But there is generally a huge disconnect when it comes to personal responsibility. Usually the comment is God got me here, and to that my volunteer partner and I say, your own best thinking did. But do I feel once a criminal, always a criminal? I wouldn't volunteer if I felt that were true.