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Xena’s Latest Tarot Readings

Deanna asked if she’ll ever get married?

“This is a shadowy readin’. Deanna takes on the pain and troubles of others. She needs to stop doin’ that. There is pain in her current relationship, same as in the past. She fears her family and friends disapprove of her relationships. The final outcome, the 10 of Swords, she won’t get married anytime soon, and she could suffer death if she doesn’t get out of the diseased relationship takin’ advantage of her.”

Should Jeff stay in New York or move to Maryland to start a whole new business?

“Jeff shall have abundance. He is a focussed and vigilant person. If he moves to Maryland he will make a lot more money, but he is being held back by his environment, his family and friends. The final outcome, the King of Swords, move, you’re gonna make it.”

Should Pippa stay in New Zealand or move to Holland? Which country is her man in?

“Pippa’s relationship in New Zealand is solid. She’s strugglin’, she doesn’t have a lotta money, and she’s carryin’ too much responsibility. The final outcome is the 3 of Pentacles. No matter which choice Pippa makes, she’ll regret not choosin’ the other. She should stay in New Zealand. That’s where she’ll eventually find peace but not a lotta money.”

Will Miss M’s dad get better?

“He’s not tryin’ to get better. It’s gonna take a lotta work, but you need to get focussed because you’re the only one committed to him. The final outcome, the 5 of Swords, he’s not gonna get better right away. It’s gonna be a long emotional journey for you. Stay strong, keep your chin up and I will pray to Great Mother Earth for your blessin’.”

Should Lady XoK stick with her Ph.D or become an ascetic?

“The Knight of Swords – whooo! – she’s fightin’ battles. She has to finish the bondage of her ongoin’ commitment, the Ph.D. She’s young and will have time and money to travel. In the meantime, its OK to dream.”

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Some of you have written and asked what types of books Xena likes. Xena, a Wiccan, is interested in books on esoteric theology, especially witchcraft, and also Dungeons and Dragon books from which he and his friends play for hours on end. Used books are less expensive, but must be mailed from used-book vendors, not from private individuals.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so here goes, will my wife and I ever have a child of our own?

Anonymous said...

What is the future of the relationship between Billy and me? Is he deceiving me or is he on the level?

(This may be a duplicate, I'm not sure if my previous comment made it on or not.)

Xena, you rock.