05 April 07

The Gatekeepers

Attending this evening’s church service was like being at Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. The hosts were The Gatekeepers – a band of missionaries that includes eight siblings.
Initially, they performed with their eyes closed, and I feared we were too ugly an audience for them to behold. Then someone explained they were Holy Ghost dancing, shifting the glory of their mission to the Lord. The room filled with energy in no time at all. There was clapping, feet tapping, and hands in the air. With great difficulty, I held at bay the urge to jump on the JBL speakers and dance. Some of the band pulled off dance moves that would have stirred Justin Timberlake. Most intense was the saxophonist. It was obvious we were in for a treat when he strapped on the sax with the grim face of a Navy Seal arranging a weapon. His solo generated numerous rounds of applause – with the crowd at its loudest when he played in the limbo position. The women’s voices were angelic. Toward the end, the choir brought the house down with a song about the Walls of Jericho. Superb.

Kudos to The Gatekeepers of Ironwood Hills Church, Tucson, for sacrificing their Saturday evenings to save our sorry souls.

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joannie said...

My friend, sorry souls are the only kind that can appreciate what you saw and heard. We all need to be that.

Anonymous said...

Orale Jon. Good to see you in high Spirits (no pun intended...)-Jose in San Diego