07 Mar 08

From T-Bone (Letter 2)

T-Bone - A deeply-spiritual and massively-built African-American fighting machine. He has more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.


Hello Jon,

How are things across the pond in merry old England? You are strong because you sat down with your father + mother and had an open mature conversation as a man!!

The comments of the people who read your blog are quite interesting to say the least. A lot of people care for you and that alone is giving you an advantage. You don’t need to waste your time at university because it sounds good. You have an education, an English education, and also a street education including the school of hard knocks Prison!
But most importantly never discard the value of the personal experiences you’ve had along the way and the value of your parents experience in life! Which means hard work and love.
That also means do not deviate from your objective which is to become another Dickens, you are ready, just sit down and do it and focus. You are strong and extremely intelligent, you have an extraordinary ability to lead and believe me when I say you are a lady’s man, but what I don’t understand is where you get your confidence!? Because most guys with small penises don’t have any confidence. Ha! Ha! Haaa! Got ya! But seriously you have a lot of confidence my friend and you are ready to start writing, all you have to do is do it now.

I am sorry to hear that you have been drinking and that you are on the dole. Don’t get into going places and having a Guinness, it will lead to you being vulnerable and all kinds of things can happen! Go for the food and the conversation of the pretty ladies, and making business contacts. Remember SECURITY FIRST! If something happens to you I will kick your you know what! I care about you man, just be careful and keep your head on straight (no drugs) or drinking (unless at home) and keep your head up (your head clear) and no threesomes, you’re too young!

I will be over there one day and we can have a small beer and eat some fish and chips!
Don’t put me on the backburner. Write me my friend, and I will write back. Say hello to your parents. You stay strong my friend, and may the sun always shine on you and yours! Remember me as you go about your doings!

God Bless

Peace in the
Middle East

Yours My Friend



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dirtos said...

Why are so many people worried that you're going to end up back in prison or something? Sure, it's nice to know there's people looking out for you, I could be wrong , but I think you've got a slightly different mindset than an awful lot of people who end up banged up. Crime is not a career choice for you, you're a normal(ish) person - a raver who got unlucky, not a career criminal.
You'd be seriously unlucky if you ended up back in jail for going out having a few guinnesses with your mates.
I can't help but feel that T Bone is worrying unnecessarily. Not that I'd tell him to his face or anything.

Noelle said...

I was thinking the same thing as dirtos. You are definitely not a career criminal-nor are you a criminal by any means. Beers are good-they relax you -just don't let them take you over that's all. UNLESS, you've told T Bone something you haven't told us???

Noelle said...

Hello Shaun's MUM. I was looking thru your blog just now and I noted how many people commented on how much they cared for you and wanted to you to keep blogging. I hope you do too. Be well and right about hitting Shaun with the frying pan-NOW I'm curious!!!! :) ... and Happy "late" Mother's Day!!

Jon said...


T-Bone knows as much as you. I've only been drinking a bit on the weekends.


Anonymous said...

does tbone have a release date and can an ex convict get a passport and travel to england? what would your family think if some of your prison buddies actually did show up on your door step?

Anonymous said...

As your friendly neighborhood Singing Notary, I have to say that I find it quite unlikely that you will end up in prison again. I think you have had enough people tell you you're ugly and Dora Shriro dresses you funny for three lifetimes.

Still, get a job. The world needs nude yoga instructors, bald-acceptance advocacy group spokesmen, and whatever other talents you have hidden in the dark recesses of your twisted little melon.

And a little Guinness is better than a little of almost everything else I can think of.

Jon said...


Subject: Re: Can a felon receive a passport?
Answered By: mvguy-ga on 10 Jul 2003 07:00 PDT
The quick answer is yes, at least in the United States. There is
nothing in U.S. law that prevents most felons from receiving a
passport -- unless the terms of parole, probation or sentencing deny
the person a right to a passport or international travel.

In the specific case you're asking about, then, you would need to find
out whether the terms of parole allow international travel. That
information would have to be obtained from the person's parole officer
or the court that has jurisdiction. The issue is a matter of the
parole conditions, not of the law regarding passports.

A passport is a document that certifies a person's citizenship. It is
not a guarantee of character or anything else; it is basically an
identity document. In fact, the passport form doesn't even ask the
applicant about criminal history.

Traditionally, there is just one type of felony that would prevent the
person from getting a passport. A person is ineligible if he or she
has "been convicted by a court or court martial of competent
jurisdiction of committing any act of treason against, or attempting
by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the United States, or
conspiring to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force, the
Government of the United States."

That information is included on the passport information form,
available here:

Application for U.S Passport

A more recent U.S. law prohibits the issuing of a passport if a person
crossed an international border to commit a felonious drug offense.
(In some cases, a passport can be denied even if the offense was a
misdemeanor, provided the person crossed an international border to
commit the crime.) That law can be found here:

Section 2714. Denial of passports to certain convicted drug

Other than those exceptions, there is no provision in federal law for
denying a passport for the mere act of having a felony record. It can
be denied only if the person is subject to arrest or if the person is
prohibited by terms of parole or probation from having a passport.

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Singing Notary,

I miss your wit and sexy demonstrations of yoga positions.



Anonymous said...

awwww... he really misses you.