30 Mar 08

From Frankie (Letter 3)

Frankie - A Mexican Mafia hitman and leader of prison "booty bandits" who has been proposing our gay marriage ever since he saw me apply antifungal ointment to the bedsores on my buttocks at the Madison Street jail, where he was held on murder charges.


Englandman, What’s up my friend?

Hope all is good for you and Posh Bird. I think we should change her name to Lady Posh or Ladybird. What do you think? Anyway, she’s very beautiful, but what’s the deal with you wearing more lipstick than her? Also, by the way you took that picture I can tell you were throwing me the kiss. You don’t have to fake the funk. I’m sure Ladybird can tell that you enjoy a petercillin shot here and there especially coming from Mr. Frankie. I still own you, and I’ll dee-cide!!! Tell Ladybird not to be shy, and to put on a bathing suit and show more skin. I also can tell you can’t handle her. Them eyes and smile tells me a lot.

Englandman, I went to reclass on 3-11-08 which means I’ll be going back to an open yard in Buckeye after being locked down 24-7 for a year and a half. I’ll get a little freedom once again.

As for the comments at my last blog, I was thinking about coming down hard on JL for disrespecting me. But then I sat and thought about what type of person it could be, and JL sounds like a woman or an undercover cheeto that was molested when she was young. JL, what’s with all that anger? It’s not my fault you had a rough life, and another thing, low income people can’t afford a computer where I come from. What you need is a hug. Someone out there give JL a hug.

Noelle is my favorite because she’s from Phoenix, Arizona. Go Suns! As for her question, I didn’t take the 4 to 12 years cause I’m not guilty. The heroin was to go to another inmate through the laundry and ended up in my boxer shorts. The inmate has accepted full responsibility and has written an affidavit and is willing to testify on my behalf. Hopefully, if God’s willing, that will clear me up.
But you’re wrong baby about the goose.

As for Jose from San Diego, good looking out. I can tell you’ve been around. Much amor y respectos coming your way from Mr. Frankie. One more thing, is your last name Cruz by any chance?

Englandman my friend, I’m a little disappointed in you for letting that chickenhead JL say those things to me. I hate swaggering trashtalking vatos. I took that as a racist remark using vatos for Mexicans. I was thinking of getting into it with her [JL] but I will not lower my standards to JL’s levels. Like I said, the chickenhead needs a hug. You know what a chickenhead is don’t you? You know how a chicken moves its head back and forth, that’s what we call someone with a dick in his mouth all the time, or better yet a blow job giver.

This is for Chris. The only bad taste in your mouth is your bad breath. Brush your teeth and you won’t have that taste. One thing about Frankie, he’s straightforward and don’t beat around. If you knew me, you would blow me. I stand in what I believe in. I’m against child molesters, rapers, and women beaters. I don’t like snitches either. Mr. Frankie is not a hard person to get along with. I’m loyal and easy to please. I give respect where respect is due.

Englandman, I’m at the point of retiring from cheetos. If I get blessed I’m done with everything. I’m going to serve God first of all. I want to find me an older woman and settle down. I love heavyset women.

My trial date was postponed, so now I’m looking at June or July.

Much Love

Mr. Frankie

P/S Give my L & Rs to your mom, dad & sister

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Chris Phoenix said...

Frankie - you say you're against rapers. That's good.

Many times you have talked about your plans to force sex on Shaun. I had always heard this as threatening, especially since rape seems to be an ever-present danger in prison. But it may be that you were joking, and I just didn't get the humor.

On the other hand, perhaps you wanted to intimidate him. (Not just psych him out during chess, but actually put some fear into him.)

Humor I don't get is fine with me, once I know I shouldn't take it seriously. Intimidation, I don't like.


Anonymous said...

Orale Frankie. Keep your head up ese. As for you Jon, thanks for the youtube link. Hope all is well. Thank you for dropping your old characters in and out and letting us know how they are holding up. Take care. -Jose in San Diego.

JL said...

I should add that most people in my low-income neighborhood have at least some internet access through the library, job centers, or piggybacked onto their cable TV service, and you can get a used, net-ready computer here for $100.

Anonymous said...

Yep!! I am Frankie's FAVORITE!!!! (Okay, it is only because of my geographical local but still ...) It amazes me that there are such talented, intelligent men in prisons. Blows my mind. Just proves that all kinds of people make all kinds of mistakes or take the wrong paths at times. Just think-you did that for me. You, by blogging, let me see from the other side of the walls (and many others). I thank you for that, Shaun. Sincerely. Frankie is a very interesting person for sure. I hope he gets to get his life on track for himself-whatever that means to him. Hey! Will you ask him that for me? What does he want for the rest of his life-seriously? What does he want/dream of??


Anonymous said...

Poor people generally don't have the best of transportation and unless they live close to a library or job center it is pretty much irrelevant that those places have internet access. Accessing piggybacked internet service on a cable line is stealing and very much more difficult to do than you might think (in the sense that it is now easier to get caught). Finally used computers do not run that cheap unless you are buying them from someone who really needs the money, directly from someone in the neighborhood (possibly stolen if otherwise). There are no computers that cheap as of mid 2009. If you can get them that cheap and they are decent, go get that money!