Xena On Prison Rape (Part 2)

Xena wrote the following (note, like many prisoners Xena uses “she” and “her” to describe male prison transsexuals):

One of my friends “Amber” came out of the closet in prison and she was beaten so bad that she had to be hospitalized. They found seven different DNA types inside her and on her skin. Her cheek bone was broken and her jaw. Her teeth were knocked out. They pulled her hair out (all of it!) then they broke a mop handle in half and used the broken end to stick in her ass. It was shoved in so far she ended up with splinters in her stomach. They did all this because her workout partner and lover was a gang member who warned her not to come out of the closet. Expain why!

Another friend “V” had been beaten also before she was gang raped and stabbed and left for dead. Yet she lived and snitched on the ones who did this to her. But the inmates beat the charges because DOC (the prison) mysteriously lost all the IR (paperwork) pertaining to her case, and all the prosecuter had to go on was V’s word against their’s. She had no family, no one to back her up. Besides we homosexuals in prison are expendable!

I have been set up by DOC to be murdered so DOC could keep their claws on someone they did not want to get out. Homosexuals are great targets for DOC to use. Reason, put me in a cell with an Aryan Brother who has served his time and is waiting to get out, use staff to put a jacket on me like snitch punk and this man has no choice but to murder me. And it always looks better to the prosecution if the victim was raped first.

“Angie” was beaten and the person DOC tried to keep in prison got another 20 years just one year before his release. Angie sued and was awarded a $15,000 settlement. $15,000 for being raped, ribs, jaw, and nose broken, and was kicked so much in her crotch that her testicles and prostate ruptured, and all had to be removed! Before this she was put into a cell with a known gang member who shoved a toothbrush with a razor blade attached in her ass (her muscle did not work any longer). She was known as “20 Shot Wonder Jaw” because all she was good for was sucking dicks. Ten years ago she had had enough and hung herself in her cell. She was never a child molester or a snitch yet these were the names given to her by the administration so she could be used to keep the short timers in the institution.

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Shaun Attwood

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Anonymous said...

How is this allowed to happen?

How is Xena doing these days?

~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

This entry has been emotionally traumatic for me. It is the stuff that nightmares are made of and speaks to me at a level far deeper than cellular or cerebral.

In the 'free-world' we are at least able to run... or scream... and with hope there is aid. The bars and doors that are (theoretically) in place to keep society safe are the same ones that prevent rescue to victims inside.

I am sick to my stomach and my heart.


Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of the most F'd up shi* to be going on in US prisons. All you authority worshippers need to get your heads out of the sand. Just because someone is a cop or prison guard does not mean that they are 100% good and the same goes for prisoners and other criminals. You think this can't happen? Think again! (Not too many prisoners are worse than the staff involved who perpetrate these situations.)