19 Mar 08

The Royo Romance (Part 21)

Numerous of you have asked I post what is going on with Royo Girl. This entry will not put unnecessary strain on my relationship with Posh Bird because the relationship is off again. Here is Royo Girl's email followed by her response to the comments it caused the first time I posted it.
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From Royo Girl:

07 March 2008

Dear Shaun,

Although we spoke on Valentine's Day, it feels like ages since you called. I am not sure if you received my voicemail, but I did try calling you the other day. Why haven't you called back? Sniff, sniff. Honestly, I do know that you are busy with all your writing, family stuff, pub outings, and dating Posh Bird, but I have missed your company lately. It would be nice to see you, but you are so damn far away and can't come visit me.

I recently went to Phoenix, which reminded me a little bit of you. I have to admit that Phoenix isn't as bad as I always think it is. Maybe I will move there to do my masters and maybe not. We will see. I know that I could just read your blog, but you tell me things that you would not include in it, so tell me what you have been up to? I look forward to hearing back from you!!!

Royo Girl

PS) Regardless of me having a few men that may like me, I am a little jealous that you have found someone other than me. All the men I know are stupid and I don't want much of anything from them other than a little attention here and there. I would much rather be spending some quality time with you. You are an ass for not being here. Do you feel the same about me?

From Royo Girl to the readers of Jon's Jail Journal:

Dear Readers,

Writing to you directly and first has thus far been unprecedented in Shaun's blog. I am unsure of where to start as there are many topics that were brought up that I want to immediately respond to and perhaps a few things that need to be said to Shaun.

I would like to begin by stating that I have NEVER played mind games with Shaun. He and I are very good friends that share a level of honesty that most people don't have with the opposite sex. I hate playing games and tell him everything that I am thinking, which maybe I sometimes shouldn't. However, I appreciate his honesty and that we are open enough for me to return it with an equal level of honesty.

Shaun and I are first and foremost friends. Anything else that develops is secondary. I have always told Shaun that I don't foresee us having a future together as he lives in England. I believe that there are past blogs that have stated the above reason, plus additional reasons as to why I don't think we would work in the long-term, if any avid readers care to look back and reread those blogs.

I have never been anything but supportive of Shaun and will continue to do so. Although I may not like Shaun dating other people, I believe it is the right choice for him. I think he should date Posh Bird. However, I have never made Shaun choose between myself and another woman.

Shaun and I live in completely different countries and at the end of the day, we are just really good friends. At the moment, I have no intention of moving back to England. I love living in the States and being near my family and friends, which I sorely missed for years when I was in London. This is not to say that I would never come back if I have good enough reason to.

As for the readers who made a few flippant comments about me, I am curious as to your motivation for making them. I was born and raised in Tucson, which is a rival city to Phoenix and grew up with that kind of mentality. I was merely referencing that in my email to Shaun. As for calling him Jon, I am not even sure I did. It was most likely changed when published for the blog. Regardless, why does it matter? Jon is the alias he used previously and Shaun is his name. Did it confuse you?

Shaun, I never intended my email to cause so much controversy, nor did I mean to cause issues with Posh Bird. Sounds like you have some decisions to make. If you decide that we cannot be friends, then so be it. I love you as a friend and you need to do what is right for you. I would never want to be a negative influence or component in your life. I am glad that all of you enjoy reading Shaun's blog so much and that he has a good support system out there. I suppose that is really all I have to say. This may be my exit from the blog depending on Shaun's response so I will tenatively say goodbye.

Royo Girl

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tslandry said...

I for one am hoping you two remain close....but it is your choice shaun and yours alone!