14 May 08

From Shane (Letter 1)

Shane - After being denied psychiatric medication by ValueOptions, Shane self-medicated with illegal drugs financed from burglaries. The medication in prison caused him to suffer a period of spontaneous ejaculations.


Greetings from the land of saguaro cactuses and blue-haired snowbirds.

Speaking of Herr Arpaio, I watched a program called Crystal Darkness a while ago. It was on crystal meth in Arizona and aired on all of the network stations during prime time television. If not for Arpaio’s appearance in it, it would have been a good – but severely sugar-coated – look into meth. Once again, Lil Joe managed to get in the spotlight and come across as a pompous ass. Shoulda included the MCSO’s [Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office] more than ample torture and death stats on meth addict inmates. That’s a deterent!

Shane vs ValueOptions is still under the appeals court jurisdiction. Yeah, I continue to lay in wait. Like a mangy alley cat stalking a sewer cockroach!

Shane vs ADOC is turning into a monster. It has the potential to turn into a huge sticky mess of hep C all over ADOC. Will I break weak and settle? Hmmm…I’ll get back with you on that. Ha. I’ll tell ya this much…three words will help with my decision: attornies, mania, and MONEY (not to be confused with “money”).

Pixie [a lady who discovered Shane through his blog] and I are getting along great. She visits. I call. We write. Shaun, it’s nice. No, it’s perfect! We are great together. It’s love. She’s crazy about me and I’m just crazy. Ha.

As you’ve been encouraging me for years, I’m continuing to write. Mainly on my blog lately. ADOC [Arizona Department of Corrections] and MCSO have been snooping online and reading my entries. It became obvious that I had drawn attention to myself and what I've been writing on my blog when ADOC and Herr Arpaio (MCSO) IP addresses began to appear on my statcounter, yet they only read and read, leaving no comments or questions.

ADOC spent hours there. This troubles me. Not so much for my own safety, I'm used to the abuses of power and can fight back, but my friends and loved ones suffering any repercussions because of me scares me. Terrifies me! Arpaio is a powerful man with no qualms about directing those powers at anybody for any reason he dreams up. Ask anybody who has politically opped him. He's dangerous. He's a political terrorist. Take away his media coverage and financial backing, and what is he? He's simply an old man with a bitter outlook and extremist ideals. Other than religion, what's the difference between him and Bin Laden or the late Saddam? They all fight dirty and cruel.

As for ADOC, and their employees I've blogged about: well, my blogs speak for themselves. If I didn't believe it or consider it factual, it wouldn't be on my blog as such. Do I worry that the ADOC people I write about will retaliate? Sure, but if they do... they do. They had better only keep it against ME! (Not a threat, simply a notice of sorts - for future use if necessary.)

I won't change what or how I write, but I will be paying very close attention to my blog visitors and the behaviors of those I write about who work around me. I might also add that many regular readers of my blogs are media, attorneys, civil rights activists and prisoner rights organizations. It would be very stupid for anybody to retaliate and certainly would draw a large oppositional frenzy.

I have about 4 years left in here. Maybe two, if my criminal appeal is successful. I will have a new life waiting for me. I've spent far too much time behind bars, high, crazy and alone in this world. Now I'll just lay down and relax. With my own Pixie by my side...of course.

Weird Al, Iron Man, Kat and all of your other Orangemen friends are doing well and say “Hello.”



PS Posh Bird vs Cat Eyes? Just remember that a French-Canadian Pussycat will always beat an English Hen. Cat Eyes and Posh Bird. I saw the pics, and they both seem great prospects, but which one could you live without?

To read Shane’s blog, Persevering Prison Pages, click on this link: http://shannoninprison.blogspot.com/

Shane welcomes you comments and correspondence.

Email comments to writeinside@hotmail.com or post them below

Copyright © 2007-2008 Shaun P. Attwood


Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

Hey, my friend..."just plain crazy" is just fine. And as long as you post, people will read and comment-don't worry. Ok, what is goth midget porn?

Anonymous said...

My sweet {{{Shane}}}. You know what the difference is between you and "them"? You play clean and you play fair. In the end, you win. I love you.

Anonymous said...

For Shane :

Fine Feline I might be, Shaun was the last to notice, or so it appears. He was keeping cool, trying to be on best behavior - when you have a bird on your mind...

After the play we saw with his parents he dropped me off at the Hotel : Yeah me, I'm sleepy. And return home.

I could not sleep, noise of Disco music came from downstairs. A "Disco" happening apparently every friday at the Hillcrest.

I spoke with the D.J. on duty in his little booth. Let me see your playlist I asked.

D.J. : You are not from around here, where is that accent from?

Me : Montreal, visiting...
My british friend went back home, I guess he had things to do. I just got off the dance floor and got kissed by a woman, did you see?

D.J. With eyes wide open : I don't know what to say... Umm, let me buy you a drink, what are you drinking?

Me : Corona

Cat Eyes

~:*:*:Sparrow:*:*:~ said...

Shaun. Shaun, Shaun, Shaun.

You dropped her off? She went out ALONE?

We need to talk!

Anonymous said...

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