19 May 08

From T-Bone (Letter 4)

T-Bone - A deeply-spiritual and massively-built African American. A prison gladiator with more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.



My literati friend, how have you been, man? I’ve been hoping to hear from you these past weeks, and I must say it is good to know that you are applying yourself to doing what is right: writing.

I’ve been moved as you can see and it’s a blessing in a lot of ways.
Hey Shaun, do you remember that a-hole I had to put hands on? Well, when I got to Buckeye he sent this young chump to try me. I asked the guy to take it to shower 1 and I put it on him in about 17 seconds. He moved out that same night and tried to have his people send me some ends (money). I told him no.

My friend, I want to address this issue the person named Dirtos has with me because of my love and respect for you! As anyone knows who has ever done time or knows someone who has, it is essential to convey the truth and truth means facts! The fact of the matter is that we both have been down some extremely rough roads, and seen and heard some mighty nasty things, but we’ve also had some so called good times, or experiences and to whoever is reading this wake up! – when you care about someone you express your concerns, and from experience, going to bars and/or clubs leads to habits, and Shaun has just got out of the joint, and I am advising him to not get into drinking and/or people who want to hang out in places where there’s drinking and carousing. I consider Shaun more than just a friend and that bond I have with him has him in a position to where all he has to do is call me, and I’ll be there for him.
Case in point. On the yard I heard this big fat guy say Shaun’s a fag, and that he was going to Shaun’s cell to take his ass. I didn’t tell Shaun or anyone else. I reacted and caught the guy in a pod, and put the guy in a situation so to speak….
I didn’t have to hurt the guy but I would of if he didn’t understand, or should I say come to respect us.
In other words, when he disrespects Shaun he disrespects me. The fat guy is an addict, and the power of love is what sent me to deal with the asshole!
So Dirtos, I don’t have issues with dope, but I do with anyone who tries to harm my friend, and I’ll also have an issue with my friend if he tries to harm himself by doing dope or carousing. Honor is what makes friendships, along with love, and I honor my friends.

Things here are as usual, my friend, sitting, waiting, doing time, you know!

I am still waiting for you to hook me up with a 40ish or 50ish woman! Make sure to let her know that I am strong and not into playing games.

Thank you for sending the blogs!

Say hello to your people and you, you just stay strong and keep up the good work.

Strength & Honor – Each one, Teach one!


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Anonymous said...

T-Bone, that's a fair enough explanation. I just thought you might have been worrying unnecessarily.
My view comes from the perspective of an ex raver whose party also ended a long time ago. I'm putting myself in Shaun's shoes and working on the presumption that having a few pints on a friday night isn't necessarily going to lead to recreational drug use. Nor is recreational drug use in itself likely to lead to Shaun going back to prison. In fact the only thing that is going to lead to going back to prison would be Shaun suddenly deciding to start shifting large ammounts of recreational drugs - which doesn't seem very likely, even after five or six pints of Guinness. But fair play for keeping a (metaphorical) eye on the guy all the same.

Jon said...


Thanks! I laughed loud at your comment.
I've switched from Guinness to cider. Thus far, cider has not triggered any urges to flood England with recreational drugs. Writing is my drug of choice these days.


In response to your recent questions. Other than the usual play fights and close calls, Ogre was the only one who initiated an unprovoked assault on me. When he did it, I kicked him and went to visitation. If you go back to the blogs I posted at that time (January 2005), you'll find recently-added details that I couldn't post at the time as to why the Ogre situation came about and what happened.
I was unaware of the fat-man incident T-Bone described in today's blog. Yet another example of the ever-present danger.



Anonymous said...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the greatest Sherrif of all time! Too bad you got screwed by the system. Looks to me like you are still alive. Stop whining, that is what you Europeans always do, Whine! Go back to your island accross the pond. I hope Sheriff Joe Arpaio gets elected president. Maybe he'd fix our overcrowded hotels, oops, I mean prisons. Fix um so no one wants to go there.
Sounds like you don't!

Gun tote'n right winger


~:*:*:Sparrow:*:*:~ said...


I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I have come to realize as of late you do need two wings to get anywhere. I cringe at the thought of being grouped in any category, political or otherwise, that displays ignorance. I like to move from truth. Some great truth I just heard came from a judge who is the head of our local juvenile court system-the means of dealing with criminal behavior are as varied as human beings, and the court system is not capable of getting to root cause of why a person participates in criminal activity. It only deals with effect. A one-size-fits-all approach is unworkable and ineffective in the long run. The greatest assistance in fighting recidivism is an educated and caring public.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shaun for the reply.

Right Winger, the Blue-Collared Comedy tour is looking for aspiring comedians. You fit the bill with your funny comment.

Sign right up or do yourself a favor and take a English Grammar class to fix all those grammatical and punctual errors in your post.

Thank you Shaun for posting his comment. We got a good laugh! -Jose in San Diego.

Unknown said...

Oh my god Joannie, you could not have said it better!!!

Noelle said...

Holy Crap!! Pixie!!! What you posted was soooo perfect-no further comments necessary!!!!! LOL!!!!! Great post for you too Joannie!!

|nf0tek said...

Gun tote'n right winger:
People survived Nazi concentration camps, Vietnamese POW camps, Russian Gulags - I guess those all meet your definition of "hotels" also. Humans are capable of bouncing back from all kinds of horrible things the fact that some do not and die there should indicate to even the most idiotic of persons that the conditions are inhumane.

People like you are all about "punishing" the criminals. Innocent people go to jail every day - that's a fact. Is it OK to torture and punish them? You cannot punish someone and also rehabilitate them using such horrible conditions. The monsters who walk out of prison are every much a product of prison as the drugs or character defects which made them. People like you and Sheriff Joe can take some share of the blame as well.

You're view on society is too simple. Educate yourself!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I felt compelled to point out to the "gun toten' right winger" that people in a civilised society are sent to prison AS punishment, not FOR punishment. Normally, when the latter happens, we call them 'concentration camps' and go to war with host nation, or impose UN sanctions against their government in an attempt to shut down the facilities in question.