16 May 08

From Frankie (Letter 4)

Frankie - A Mexican Mafia hitman and leader of prison "booty bandits" who has been proposing our gay marriage ever since he saw me applying antifungal ointment to the bedsores on my buttocks at the Madison Street jail, where he was held on murder charges he subsequently beat.



It’s about time that I heard from your hairy ass. I was really getting upset at you.

As for Cat Eyes, just being from Canada is a plus cuz I hear the women there are freaky and kinky….Yes! Yes! Yes! She’s got my approval. Can you imagine doing yoga with her naked? Mercy!

Now let’s talk about Noelle. Yes! She is my favotite cuz of the things she says, you can tell she’s gots a big heart and she’s beautiful people. I will answer anything she wants to know.
As for getting my life on track, yes, I’m going to and that alone means a lot to me. What I want for the rest of my life is to settle down and work and enjoy life. I’m a simple guy and easy to please.
My dream is to become a counselor and help the youth. My testimony would be straight facts about gangs and prison life and if I could help one kid then I did my job. A lot of people get second hand information from books but getting the real deal from someone that lived it will open these youngsters eyes.
Noelle, I hope you don’t mind me asking but I need a pen pal like you. I’m not a bad person and there’s a lot more to me that you’ll get to know if you want to write.

As for JL, I apologize for what I said. I have no right disrespecting you and I am sorry.

Frankie is becoming a softy. I’m tired of living the vida loca.

Chris. There’s so much that you don’t know but you have all the right to voice your opinion, but here’s some facts. Englandman is my friend. When Englandman wouldn’t give his booty up he broke my heart but now we have a good friendship. What I say now is nothing to do with intimidation, it’s just joking. Yes, I’m well respected in prison and I would never disrespect others. Me and Shaun met at the Madison Street jail in 2003. I was coming over to play chess through his window and he was rubbing cream on the sores on his hairy ass. Mercy! We became very good friends. I’m the kind of friend that protects my friends and I’m loyal to them. Yes, a lot of people look at me like I’m this big time dude but in reality I’m a nice caring dude. Personally Shaun knows me real well.
Chris, I also apologize to you for what I said last time.

Stay up Englandman, take care my friend,

My love, Mr. Frankie

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Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

Two thumbs up on becoming a youth counselor! I've found that sharing what you personally know and have experienced not only helps the person you talk to, it helps you. My favorite volunteer to work with in the jail is a lady who looks like she is a librarian, but when she begins sharing with the female inmates her life story of drug and alcohol abuse and how she found freedom, you could hear a pin drop in the room.

Anonymous said...


Kudos to you. You just manned up.



Chris Phoenix said...

Frankie, thanks for explaining what you meant, to a guy from a very different world. I'm glad you and Shaun are friends. I hope you get your wish to help a lot of youth.