14 Sep 08

Drugs (by T-Bone)

T-Bone - Radiating power and strength, this deeply-spiritual, massively-built African American towers over most inmates. He is a prison gladiator with more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.

This is to the individual who said she or he needed help to stop using drugs.
Have you ever asked yourself why it’s called dope? Well, when I was growing up a lot of the OG’s used to say, “Look at those dopes over there doing poison just to feel dopey.”
I called it a “high,” but as I came to reflect on what I was doing, I realized the truth: dope does nothing for you at all! It causes you not to be real in all experiences in your life, from being awake to sex.
Once you allow yourself to become addicted to pot, coke, heroin, or any pill, it will take a spiritual rebirth to heal you, to reshape your thinking, and to rebuild your life.

The ancient Greeks called it pharmakia – the use of potions, powders, drugs, spells or enchantments! They understood it was and still is a spiritual battle.
There are some people who won’t accept this, but you must have a complete understanding of the truth before you listen to others.
When you become addicted, there is something evil inside you.

Have you ever heard anyone say that she or he is really cool when they’re not doing dope or high? Also, there is no such thing as recreational drug use, only dope use.

Now here are some hardcore facts.
You are killing yourself doing that poison, period! Stand up right now and make a choice, be a woman or a man, do the right thing for yourself! In other words, turn to God, he will help you! If not God, there are other ways to get help.
There are times when you have issues that cause you to hide behind dope. Fear and doubt has never helped anyone, neither has pain.
Don’t make excuses or rationalize what you’re doing. Keep it real and love yourself!
We all must grow up. Get a foundation and build on that foundation and grow.
Choose life and live free of the chains of fear and dope.
There are a lot of people going through the pain of drug and alcohol addiction who want to be able to talk to someone who once had the same problem. Find someone to talk to and let loose all of that unneeded pain and fear and doubt.

My foundation is God, and his love (that’s who he is) has strengthened me to turn away from drugs and the evil thinking that is associated with it. There will always be thoughts and the temptation of doing drugs and the evil that comes with it. But I turn to him for strength and guidance and he gives it to me through his spirit.

Be at peace and don’t worry, tomorrow is another beautiful day to live!

I hope this helps, and if not, let me know.


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Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

One of the best things about volunteering in the prison and doing a spiritually based 12 step (I guess that's an oximoron) is seeing people step out of the mental fog that substance abuse creates. I just had a woman say she finally understood how bad the bottle is in her life, and I know it sounds ridiculous, a person sitting in jail in orange clothes realizing what to most of us is totally obvious. But that's a breakthrough moment, and I never get tired of participating in them.

Briandi said...

I agree that you need to have a spiritual rebirth. My husband has struggled with addiction he was sober for 4.5 years relapsed and is currently serving time in The AZ Buckeye Prison. Here is our story: