16 Sep 08

BBC Radio 5 Live Pods and Blogs

I was interviewed by Chris Vallance of the BBC last night about the Arizona Department of Corrections’ attempt to sabotage Jon’s Jail Journal by illegally blocking inmates from writing to me.

Below is the link for the podcast. To hear the interview scroll down to latest Pods and Blogs’ episode and click on download episode. (It’s the episode dated September 16th which starts out with the description: The continuing turmoil in the US markets and a new device that could let us hear every word on the football pitch.) My interview commences about five minutes into the show.


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Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

You're definitely more comfortable with radio :-)! The prison ministry I serve with had their volunteer dinner last night and it was so exciting to meet people that I never see and hear their stories about the inmates they serve. Change is definitely possible in prison, structurally and on a human level. But it takes individuals such as yourself, who care for the men and women behind bars, to stay vigilant and not give up. Thanks for continuing to be a voice for those who don't really have one.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent broadcast. Your getting quite good at these interviews. You were calm, and to the point with your answers. I hope the prisoners that you are fighting get wind of what you are doing, and most importantly WHY you are doing it. This is a fine example of an outreach program for them and the life that they live. It is truly a shame that the administrators in the Arizona Prison System feel threatened, or could they have another agenda that needs to be hidden?

Jons Jail Journal is truly a David and Goliath story.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the radio podcast, which was more explanatory, you did well.

Cat Eyes