Waterstone's Birkenhead Book Signing

It was a sunny but slow Sunday in Birkenhead - or in terms of the vernacular of book sellers there was "low footfall." Mum and I failed to beat the sales record set by a local non-celebrity author of 34 books. We only sold 21, but met some great people, including the really proactive staff, who are now looking into organizing my prison talk as an event in the cafe at the back of the store.

With insufficient shoppers to set her upon, I had no choice but to allow Mum to take breaks, during which she gorged herself on cakes and coffee. The staff actually dragged out a little table for Mum to feast upon. She sat there, next to my much larger table, piling up evidence of her dietary intake, banana peel, empty teacups, crumbs from scones, a partially chewed walnut she'd found disagreeable and spat into a tissue, glowing with the incredulous happiness of an over-worked employee unaccustomed to rest, oblivious to the fact that she won't be allowed even so much as to visit the ladies room, never mind take a break, next Saturday at Manchester, Deansgate, Waterstone's biggest store in the northwest, which even has its own restaurant and bar - I guess this will be the signing Hammy shows up to.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

I,ll be suited+booted mate.


Anonymous said...

You can't always beat the record. I think overall you do pretty well though?
Also i think its a bit mean that just cos your mum got to have a break 2day that she will be punished for it next week? (No loo break?) Bad Shaun!! Be NICE to your helpers!


Off The Shelves said...

We loved having you guys in the store and you're welcome to come back any time. I read Hard Time in the two days after the signing and couldn't put it down.

I'm pretty sure that on a Saturday you could have well smashed that record, no problem!


Jon said...

Thanks for the comment, Gemski! We'll smash that record at your store some Saturday!