BBC Radio Interview – Widnes Talk – Book Signings: Warrington and Birkenhead

Thursday morning, Tony Snell is interviewing me for BBC Radio Merseyside about my talks to young people. It’s at 7.50am in England (GMT), and you can listen live by clicking here.

Thursday night, I’m at Ditton Youth Centre, Widnes, from 6pm to 8pm to chat to young people on community sentences. Mum is also going to give the family perspective. Link.

Friday, I’m signing books at Waterstone’s in Warrington, and Saturday in Birkenhead. Click here for more info about the signings.


Anonymous said...

I'll be more than likely stuck in the usual M62 traffic jam around that time so will tune in and listen to your interview, good luck with it.


Jon said...

I'll have to leave early then to avoid that jam. Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

I will be at work so I will miss it :(. Saw you in guildford times though


Anonymous said...

Jo...can you get me a copy, don't get that out my way!!! Shaun I will set my alarm and do realise that's dedication for you!!! I'm crap in the mornings!


Anonymous said...

Will listen and good luck,