From Xena (Letter 6)

Xena - A 6 1/2 foot transsexual and Wiccan priest. The charismatic leader of Cult Of Xena (COX). Tattoos include a wasp on Xena's penis and ant trails running up "her" legs. Cut off a testicle and almost bled to death.

Dear Shaun,

I love and miss you so dearly! I have no good excuses for not writing to you. You are truly so beautiful a man, and I am just tired of doing time. I am deep within this hole. It is dark here and cold. Yet when I look up, I see light. So I reach up, so that I may be able to feel its strength. I stretch my full length, yet my fingers freeze, for a cold shadow surrounds my body. The strength of light is just out of my grasp. I know that I still have a decade to go before I can get out of here. I fringe along the edge of madness.

Shaun, I am your friend! You are my family! You have shared your dreams with me, and to no one else have you confided such confound secrets. I have done the same. And I still am doing time in this dreadful place! Is my mind strong enough for the last decade? I question my own sanity so many times.

I watch people in here, and I see their habits, and I realise that we are all structured the same way. Yet too many people I have known for too many years have cracked, and are now just shells of who they once were. They just cannot take the pressure of doing so much time.

I promise though when my time is over, Xena will reign over once again her faithful COX masses, and then conquer.

I truly love you!



The pictures are art by Xena sent with the letter.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

breathtaking beauty in Xena's words and art... so upsetting to hear such pain articulated so eloquently, but Xena's inner strength shines through!

Gab xx

muzuzuzus said...

What a poxy shitty brutal pile of shite this culture is. And you get these puppet gangsters gangsters reading from the globalist autocue how 'people hate our freedoms'...???!

Well I SENSE an Apocalypse--meaning the rooting out of all their secrets, lies, cover-ups. ALL tthey have been doing, covering their tracks. It is all gonna be exposed.

Anonymous said...

I agree Gab, just so touching.

Thank you Xena..

Brightest Blessings to you

Mary xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see Xena wrote in. I adore her!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you finally, Xena. Hang in there! and please write more often. Don't leave us COX members wandering like sheep in the desert without our beautiful and divine leader.


Youthemeus said...

I often think about you.
Holding you in the light here in my heart.

Rachel xx

Anonymous said...

You should start your own line of boxers. Pink ones. One pair should have cockroaches all over them. The Xena pair should be pink with a hornet on the crotchal area. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow Shaun! It is good to finally hear from Xena.

southportfriendshipclub said...

Hello Shaun
It's so wonderful to hear from Xena again. The artworks are beautiful and the writing so eloquent. I would love to hear more from her please.

(Girl in red hat)

southportfriendshipclub said...

Hello Shaun
It's wonderful to hear from Xena again. Its been a long time.
Congratulations on the success of your talks and book sales.

I have finished the book too

(Girl in red hat from Wigan)