Waterstone's Liverpool Book Signing

Students from Maghull High and Maricourt mobbed the book signing today – thanks for coming, Maghullians and Maricourtians! In just 2 ½ hours, we sold out of books. The store only had 33 copies, so it was light work for Mum and me. The people we met were so pleasant that Mum said it was one of the most enjoyable stores so far. Mum was operating on four-hours sleep, and had jumped on a train in London to join me at the signing, but she never stopped smiling. She credited this to the friendly Liverpudlians, and the positive feng shui in the store. I tried to get Mum to do a signing tomorrow, but she said, "It's Mother's Day! There's things you do for your kids, but that's taking it too far. I can't believe you'd put me to work on Mother's Day! No! Definitely not!" I think Mum's work ethic needs improving. She has pledged to join me for the Guildford book signing on May 7th.

Here is a short video at the signing.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Your mother is a saint!!! Glad it went well

Charlotte x

Anonymous said...

Nice pics :) - silly fools only getting in 33 books!

Hope you're on tea-making duty all Mother's Day for your mum!

Step 1: fill kettle with water and set to boil.

Step 2: put tea bag and sugar in her favourite mug and fill with boiling water.

Step 3: let it brew for a minute, then stir in milk and serve with hugs and compliments.

Jon said...

mum doesn't have sugar in her tea

she does have all of the mother's day cards out she's kept over the years that have pictures of cats on them...

Anonymous said...

Knew there was something about your Mum that I liked :-)

Charlotte x

barb, wxm said...

i received your book for mothers day...you chatted to my son in waterstones, liverpool and signed my pressy...thankyou!!!
am enjoying reading, especially as im from `your era` ....is a good insight to normality amongst haziness....will continue to read and enjoy

barb, wxm said...

im in middle of reading your book, you signed a copy after chatting to my son in liverpool. was a mothers day pressy....thanyou!!!

is good insight to normality amongst the crazy haziness..... i am from your era!!
will continue to read...