Waterstone’s Birkenhead Easter Saturday Book Signing

Mum and I sold 41 copies today, smashing our previous sales at Birkenhead of 21 copies, and beating the record set by a non-celebrity author of 34 copies.

Much more importantly, the cockroach hand-stamping of children ran smoothly today, as demonstrated in the video below, during which the remote-control cockroach was happily running wild. Earlier on, three women were at the table, and the cockroach suddenly charged at them on the floor, causing all three to jump backwards.

Click here to find out what happened at the previous signing in Warrington.

Click here for Hard Time at Amazon UK. Here for the Amazon US hardback for $8. 

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

So glad it went well guys!!!


Anonymous said...

So when are you coming down to South Wales?

Jon said...

when Waterstone's invites me