Waterstone's Manchester Trafford Centre Book Signing

Mum and I sold 69 books today, setting a new record at that store for a non-celebrity author. Mum insisted upon incuding two photos of her in this blog for the benefit of Nigel. She looks happiest in the photo of her bashing me over the head with Hard Time.

I couldn't pull Mum out of the store today as she was on sales auto-pilot. I started packing up to leave at 4.15, but Mum kept pitching the book, closing sales left and right like this one:
"We've got a local author signing a book today," Mum said to a man with his wife and two kids. "It's a bit like the Shawshank, but it really happened to him."
"I'm going to look for something at the back of the store first, but I'll read your flyer and come back," said the man, rotating his body away from Mum's grasp.
"We're packing up. About to leave," Mum said, freezing the man in a semi-rotated position. "It's a real page turner."
Mum's words turned the man back towards us. He read the flyer, and said, "Sounds real interesting. I guess I'd better buy it now then."
And that was that.

We are at Birkenhead Waterstone's tomorrow.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Glad it went so well. Good luck today.


Anonymous said...

Good for you!


Anonymous said...

love your mum:))


Anonymous said...

behind a good man is his mum.

Josephine x

Anonymous said...

I want your mum to sign my copy!!


muzuzuzus said...

Yes congratulations man.
I am goona embarrass ya now--ready? You have such a beautiful, open, fresh, friendly face----it is hard to dig that you have been brutalized by that shitty, or THIS shitty system. Just shows you how powerful your spirit is.
I mean when you you look at some faces, shit---they set into grim souless masks. But yours is a breath of fresh air. I always feel good when I look at your face :)))

And send my love to your mum as well :)