30 July 06

New Arrivals

July saw the return of Long Island who has been housed with Ogre. I am unable to blog his adventures outside of prison until he has resolved certain legal issues.

Today I received a new celly, Smoker, a mild-mannered 49-year old with two years left on a 20 year sentence for fraudulent schemes and artifices.

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Long Island is back? And so soon after release?
That's very disheartening to hear. Your stories of the inside are enough to dissuade me from committing any crimes; it boggles my mind that someone with hope and a plan like Long Island would get himself thrown back in.

Anonymous said...

Gutted about Long Island.. say it aint so!

I guess it goes to show that with the best will in the world, leaving your past behind isnt easy.


Mrs. Long Island said...

As the wife of Long Island, please know that he is doing well now. Upon his prior release he was thrown into a really janky situation and was set up for failure. This time back in has raised a lot of new opportunities for him. When he gets home he will finally have the stability he will need for success. Our two children will be excited to finally have him home for good!

Mrs. Long Island!