Making a Murderer Book: Un-Making a Murderer

In late December 2015, Making a Murderer broke my heart in many ways. The plight of two innocent men – one a vulnerable teenager – framed by corrupt officials was compounded by the suffering of their family members, especially Steven’s parents, Dolores and Allan and Brendan’s mother Barbara Janda (now Tadych). Watching the documentary made me want to help Steven and Brendan. Being familiar with the Department of Corrections’ procedures, I posted some YouTube videos advising people how to send letters and money to them without violating the prison rules. The avalanche of positive responses was overwhelming.

After learning about Ken Kratz’s book and reading the two books by Michael Griesbach, I was outraged by their efforts to continue to manipulate the public. I felt compelled to write this book with two goals. Firstly, to expose how easy it is in a broken justice system to convict innocent people. Secondly, to help raise money for charity purposes. Half of the profits from this book will be going to Steven and Brendan via their lawyers. ADD LAWYERS NAMES. The other half will be spent on free book donations to school children and prisoners.

The Kindle version just went on presale and is available worldwide on Amazon at these links:
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