TIME: 600-800pm UK
Due to censorship issues, all 2 hours are exclusively on Patreon for Tiers 2&3.

All new guests tonight...

1 – 600-630 My mother, Barbara Attwood has just written her first autobiography ‘Blue Plastic Cow’ about forced adoption.

2 – 630-700 London knife mum’s group PALM – Peace and Love Movement joins us for a round table to discuss knife crime and how it is affecting families and society in general. They are a group of mums fighting knife crime and youth violence in the UK.

3 – 700-730 Chris Wild is the author of ‘The State of It’ which documents stories from a broken care system. He is also a campaigner for youth protection in care.

2 – 730-800 Channel favourite Charlie Robinson from the Macroaggression Podcast will be joining us to discuss his experience at the recent Julian Assange Rally where he met Julian’s father.

He will also be covering the latest #ClintonBodyCount news and John McAfee.

Is the Death Penalty Immoral? Clive Stafford Smith

John McAfee Dead In Spanish Jail

Attwood Unleashed 20: Lineup Announcement

AU20 @ 6PM UK LINEUP: 1 – 600-630 First up, Natly Denise is an up and coming YouTuber. She is an anti-human trafficking activist who has been covering a series of high profile cases on her channel. Most recently she’s been looking at Peter Nygard’s protégé Danny Fitzgerald and she will be discussing her findings with us tonight. In the last month she’s also been reporting on Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Hunter Biden. 2 – 630-700 Michael William Lebon aka Lionel joins us as our second guest of the night. Lionel is a seasoned broadcaster, prosecutor and hosted the Court TV law shop Snap Judgement in the 90s. He’s also appeared in an episode of House of Cards. But more recently, he’s built a sizable following on YouTube under the moniker Lionel Nation with 236k subscribers. Tonight, he will be discussing Epstein, Maxwell and whether he thinks Prince Andrew is getting off the hook? 3 – 710-740 Jerome Elam is a former Marine, survivor, and is the current CEO of Trafficking in America Task Force. Trafficking in America Task Force’s mission is to help eliminate the human trafficking of women, men, and children in America and to provide a culture for our children free of sexual exploitation and slavery where people know their intrinsic value. 2 – 740-810 Author Anthony Daly will finally drop in to discuss his book ‘The Abuse of Power: A True Story of Sex and Scandal at the Heart of London’s Elite’ which was previously published under the title ‘Playland’. Anthony’s book covers a very dark scandal in the midst of Soho in the 1970s and it has been described as a ‘shattering memoir.’ 3 – 810-900 YouTuber Monkey Werx US will make his first appearance on the live show. He has nearly 500k subs on YouTube. Monkey Werx airs weekly shows consisting of Overwatch SITREPS where he looks at aircraft activity around the world. On tonight’s show he will be going over some interesting flight activity in relation to the Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein cases. 4 – 840-900 A short Q&A with Shaun.

Liverpool Gangster Curtis Warren's Story: Peter Walsh | True Crime Podca...

Tonight’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK.

Author Peter Walsh tells the story of Curtis Warren whose network included the Colombian cartels, Turkish heroin godfathers, Moroccan cannabis growers and the Ecstasy labs of Holland and Eastern Europe.

#liverpool #mafia

Satanic Pedo Neo-Nazis & Turkish Prison: Jake Hanrahan | True Crime Podc...

Saturday’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 10AM UK.

After filming the PKK's youth wing fighting the Turkish Armed Forces, Jake spends two weeks in maximum security. After quitting war correspondence for Vice, he reports on organised crime and extremist politics, including the Order of Nine Angles.

#satanism #turkey #activism #humanrights

Queen Elizabeth's Youth: Andrew Lownie & Jane Dismore

Is Meghan Markle dominating Prince Harry? Richard Grannon

UK Crip In Manchester Gangland Part 2: Kieran Proverbs | True Crime Podc...

Tonight’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK.

With #Bloods and #Crips at war in #Manchester Kieran is almost fatally shot. After seeking reprisals, he ends up in #supermax #prison

#mafia #gangster #gunchester

Attwood Unleashed 18: Johann Hari

Interview with Ted Talk superstar Johann Hari​

Kamloops School, Canada: Kevin Annett

Premiering at 7AM UK Jun 10: 

Attwood Unleashed 18 Line Up Announcement

Attwood Unleashed 18 Line Up Announcement - Full Show @ 6PM UK

600-700 It’s taken us a while to get this one over the line but we are thrilled to welcome Johann Hari to the show.
He is the author of 2 New York Times best selling books.
His most celebrated books include:
‘Lost Connections: Why You’re Depressed
And How to Find Hope’ and ‘Chasing the Scream: The Search for the Truth About Addiction’.
Johann’s TEDTalk on ‘Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong’ has more than 8.5m views on YouTube.
He has also worked for the Independent and the Huffington Post as well writing books on the war on drugs.
Switching over to Patreon for hours 2&3.
710-740 Clive Stafford-Smith is a human rights lawyer with the non-profit 3DC.
Clive has a built a reputation for his work defending prisoners against human rights abuses from death row to Guantanamo Bay.
He’s also done a fascinating TEDTalk entitled ‘My Father, Mental Illness and the Death Penalty’.
740-810 We will be joined by David Whitehead to co-interview our last two guests of the night.
First up is deprogrammer, and cult specialist Rick Ross who founded non-profit organisation Cult Education Institute
Ross has intervened in more than 500 deprogramming cases in various countries, so we will look forward to the wealth of knowledge he brings to the show tonight.
His book ‘Cults Inside Out: How People Get in and Can Get Out’ was released in 2014’.
810-900 Hollywood actor and independent filmmaker John Paul Rice will be with us on AU for the first time.
John Paul will be discussing his mission and call to arms to end human trafficking.

Jon Venables (James Bulger Killer) Attacked In Prison Part 2: Joey Barnett

Kamloops School, Canada

215 Kids Corpses At Kamloops School, Canada: Church Refuses To Apologise

Madeleine McCann: Matthew Steeples

Kingpin Locked Up In 5 Continents Part 11: David McMillan | True Crime P...

Tonight @ 6PM on my #youtube

Kingpin Locked Up In 5 Continents Part 11: David McMillan | True Crime Podcast 196

Part 11 of the story of an international smuggling mastermind who faced the death penalty multiple times and coordinated breath-taking escapes.


#thailand #Pakistan #podcast

Saving Survivors of Human Slavery: Andrew Wallis | True Crime Podcast 190

Coming Jun 5 @ 10AM on my #youtube
Saving Survivors of Human Slavery: Andrew Wallis | True Crime Podcast 190
Anti-trafficking crusader, Andrew Wallis, establishes a charity with safe houses across the UK and introduces the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.

Glasgow Smuggler's Insane Stories In Morocco Peru & Spain: Mark Dempster...

Tonight’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK.

Arrested in Morocco by an armed soldier, Mark is given a way out: drop your trousers, bend over a tree and take it from behind — just one of many anecdotes hilariously told.

#Morocco #Peru #Spain

AU17: Royal Family Special

Royal Family Special

AU17: 4 Hour Royal Family Special Lineup Announcement!

AU17: 4 Hour Royal Family Special Lineup Announcement! Show starts Jun 2 @ 6PM UK 1 – 600-630 Prolific British author Nigel Cawthorne will open the show. Nigel has written over 200 books during his career spanning, practically all the members of the Royal Family. His latest book entitled Prince Andrew: Epstein, Maxwell & the Palace’ discusses how Andrew was once the poster boy of the Royal Family... oh how times have changed! 2 – 630-700 Our favourite independent journalists Ryan Dawson & Charlie Robinson will join us together for the first time on the same slot. As you know, both have done extensive research into Epstein, Maxwell, Nygard and their links to the Royal Family. Ryan will also be announcing a new documentary he is working on towards the end of the slot. 3 – 700-730 Last Saturday our podcast with historian, literary agent and author Andrew Lownie aired on the main channel. On a personal note, it is Ash's favourite podcast that we’ve done this year, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I urge you to put it on your watch list. Andrew released the book ‘The Mountbattens: Their Lives and Loves’ in 2019 and his next book entitled ‘The Traitor King’ will be out later this year. Andrew will be accompanied by Jane Dismore, who is a biographer and writer of books and features on royalty, history and heritage. Her latest book ‘Princess: The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II’ was released in February this year which she will be discussing with us tonight. 4 – 730-800 Canadian investigative journalist Ian Halperin comes back on Attwood Unleashed to reveal some more about his latest book ‘Sex, Lies, and Dirty Money by the World’s Powerful Elite’. Last time he didn’t pull any punches and we expect this time to be just as explosive. He also revealed back in April that the monarchy had actually tried to stop him publishing the book. 5 – 800-830 Gap atm. 6 – 830-900 Former MP, author and our AU resident Royal Family correspondent Norman Baker makes his sixth appearance on the live show. Norman will be going into the Royal’s finances, how much it is costing to renovate Buckingham Palace, wills and how the Royals fix legislation to suit themselves. 7 – 900-onwards We will be switching over to Patreon for a live Q&A with Shaun, Matthew Steeples & other guests. #podcast #princeandrew #royalfamily