Finally made it home after 15 days on the road. So nice to be in my own bed and able to lie down and do nothing other than read and eat partially melted chocolate truffles that I left too close to the radiator while I went to BodyCombat class that taste even better in their gooey condition but have turned my fingers brown. Nothing to do other than catch up on emails – at least until the talks start again in 2 weeks time and I set off on a loop around England that includes London and Sheffield and Dorset. Nothing to worry about other than my MOT (Ministry of Transport Test), which I may brave tomorrow if I wake up in the mood required to take on mechanics.

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Keeping within the Christmas spirit, here is a conversation I had in prison with Two Tonys, an Italian Mafia mass murderer of gangsters, about his Christmas and Positive Mental Attitude:


After 8 back-to-back book signings, I slept for 10 1/2 hours last night, so got a day of rest before driving to my sister's for Boxing Day dinner tomorrow, a day of rest that includes visiting Wild Man's house tonight, where anything can happen...

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A Christmas Eve poem from an anonymous inmate

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Manchester Waterstone's Signing

Thanks to my sales team, we sold 148 copies of Hard Time today at the Trafford Centre, setting a new record.

 With my cousin, Sadie, and her boyfriend, Nick.

 Wild John moonwalking across Waterstone's/

 With manager, Matt.

 With Dennis the Chemist.
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Birkenhead Waterstone's Signing

We sold 100 copies of Hard Time today in Birkenhead, which has the liveliest characters out of all of the Waterstone's we've visited, and the highest proportion who admit to having been in prison. Time went fast talking to such friendly witty people.

My brain is frazzled from seven back-to-back all day signings. One more left tomorrow: Trafford Centre, Manchester.

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Wigan Waterstone's Signing

We sold 140 copies of Hard Time in Wigan, stealing the record established at the Trafford Centre last Saturday of 125 copies. Now the Trafford centre want the record back, and we are there on Christmas Eve.


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Latino War Veteran Murdered by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Guards
More senseless murder in Arpaio's jail system:

After being kept alive for days following a fight with guards, a Latino military veteran died late Tuesday when he was taken off life support by doctors at a Phoenix hospital.

Ernest “Marty” Atencio was 44. He was injured early Friday morning, just hours after the Justice Department accused the Arizona sheriff of running an agency that regularly violates the rights of Latinos.

“His entire family was by his bedside when he passed,” the family’s attorney, Mike Manning, said. His parents, two brothers and three sons were there to make the decision.

Atencio had been taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in critical condition with injuries from the fight. Doctors later determined he had been shocked at least four times with a Taser, according to Manning.

Earlier on Tuesday, Manning said Atencio was brain dead and his family had flown to Phoenix to decide whether to take him off life support.

Phoenix police arrested Atencio after he was seen kicking on the door of an apartment and then harassing a woman walking down the street. Manning said Atencio suffered from bipolar disorder and had been off his medication.

Phoenix officers processed him and took him to the Maricopa County jail for holding. At the jail, however, Atencio began struggling with officers from both Phoenix and Maricopa County law enforcement, according to statements by both agencies.

Neither agency has detailed exactly what happened during the struggle. The sheriff’s office has yet to release a video of the incident to Phoenix police, Atencio’s family or the public.
Chester Waterstone's Signing

Tomorrow we are in Wigan where we set a new sales record last year of 99 copies. Thursday December 22nd, 2011 - Waterstone's, 6 The Grand Arcade, Wigan, WN1 1BH (01942 497 095) from 11am until 4pm.

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Wilmslow Waterstone's Signing

Pic of the day: Gab choking Dean

 People of all ages read Hard Time: this man is 93 years old.

 The joy of cockroch hand-stamping.

Tomorrow we are at Chester Waterstone's: Wednesday December 21st, 2011 - Waterstone's, 14 Eastgate Row, Chester, CH1 1LF (01244 345 066) from 11am until 4pm.

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Warrington Waterstone's Signing

Thanks to my team of helpers in jail outfits, today's signing in Warrington sold out all 100 copies.
With Nick from Warrington who popped in to say hello, and kindly helped with the sales.

Cockroach hand-stamping

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Tomorrow we are at Waterstone's in Wilmslow: Tuesday December 20th, 2011 - Waterstone's, 29 Grove Street, Wilmslow, Cheshire (0843 290 8685) from 11am until 4pm.

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