Jack The Ripper London Tour: Richard Jones | True Crime Podcast 213

Saturday at 10AM. Richard Jones takes me on a tour of Victorian London's underworld, where the slayings took place, from street-corner taverns to unsavoury lodging houses. One by one the murder victims and the circumstances of their killings are revealed, and the suspects are analysed.

From Growers' Electrician To Anti-knife Campaigner: Ben Spann | True Cri...

Thursday’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK.

After avoiding incarceration for his role in growing pot, Ben becomes concerned about knife attacks on his friends and launches a campaign.


9PM UK livestream tonight on Chris Thrall​'s channel to talk about YouTube, podcast wars and to take your questions. 

Steve Wraith Interviews LIVE Q and A with Shaun Attwood

Somali In London Prison: Guled Hassan | True Crime Podcast 202

Tonight’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK.

Growing up in the UK, Guled hustles to survive. He is bullied, kidnapped and almost stabbed in prison, where he turns the tables on his enemies with the help of his tough Somali friends.

#podcast #somali #prison

UK Gang Scoreboard & County Lines: Jason Farrell | True Crime Podcast 211

Today’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 11AM UK. 

In this fearless, hard-hitting account, author Jason Farrell shares in terrifying detail the story of the county lines phenomenon through the words of gang members and their victims themselves as well as the police and the country's leading experts. 

#countylines #warondrugs #london 

In Liverpool's Walton Prison For Attempted Murder: Karl Smith | True Cri...

Tonight’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK.

At age 19, Karl stabs a man and goes on the run in Spain. In #prison he encounters various characters, including Purple Aki, Danny Gee and his own father freshly deported from America.

#liverpool #walton

Broadmoor Prison Psychiatrist's Shocking Stories: Dr Sohom Das | True Cr...

Saturday’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 10AM UK:
Broadmoor Prison Psychiatrist's Shocking Stories: Dr Sohom Das
Sohom details the most shocking and emotional cases and dangerously mentally-ill patients that he has dealt with: from mum's who kill their own babies to serial killers.

30 Years In Prison For London Enforcer: Ray Hill | True Crime Podcast 201

Tonight’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK: 
After doing armed robberies at age 15, Ray graduates to the highest levels of crime. Working with infamous gangsters, he earns a reputation as one of the UK’s most dangerous men.
#podcast #truecrime #london

Cyberbullying Activist: Ex-Cop Intersex Ann Drogyne Part 2 | True Crime ...

Anti-cyberbullying podcast tonight at 6PM: 
Ex Merseyside cop and intersex person, Ann details her campaign to combat cyberbullying and explains YouTube's cyberbullying policy.
#endcyberbullying #activism 

The Luke Mitchell Case: Sandra Lean | True Crime Podcast 207

Monday's #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6pm UK:
The Luke Mitchell Case: Sandra Lean | True Crime Podcast 207
The true story of the murder of 14-year-old Jodi Jones in Scotland in 2003. But, could the boy convicted of that murder, Jodi's boyfriend, Luke Mitchell (also 14 at the time), be innocent?

UK Soldier Surviving India's Chennai Prison: Nick Dunn | True Crime Podc...

Saturday’s 3.5 hour blockbuster #podcast premiers at 10AM UK:

Working as a security guard on a ship in the Indian Ocean, former paratrooper Nick is arrested on false charges. Inside the brutal Indian prison system, Nick and his colleagues – the Chennai Six – cling to their sanity.

#podcast #truecrime #india