29 Feb 08

Listen to Radio Interview

Thanks everyone who sent comments and questions to Duncan Barkes for the radio interview today.

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27 Feb 08

Radio Interview On Friday

I'm on the radio this Friday. The station is City Talk 105.9 out of Liverpool. I expect to be on at about 9:20am British time (2:20am Arizona time). Here's the link for anyone who wants to listen to it online:


This Friday Duncan Barkes is joined by Shaun Attwood, a man from Widnes who has spent time in one of the US' most notorious jails.
Having spent two years in Maricopa County Jail awaiting sentence on charges of money laundering and drug offences, Shaun has seen inmates starved, attempt suicide and be subjected to repeated humiliation. But more than having just seen them, he's also documented his experiences in his online blog.
Shaun’s blog was initially named Jon’s Jail Journal so that he could maintain his anonymity while inside back in 2004.
But his blog has proved so popular he’s been writing it ever since, documenting his experiences of staying in an American jail run by one of America’s most notorious law enforcement officers.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is renowned for his tough tactics in his jail, humiliating inmates by forcing them to wear pink underwear and eat rotten food. As if that wasn’t bad enough his jails are also known to be so badly infested with cockroaches that the inmates –Shaun included – save their toothpaste to block up the insects’ entry points.
A few weeks ago Duncan asked you whether you thought English prisons are too soft, so this Friday Dunc will be asking Shaun about his experiences in an American jail and whether we should introduce these tougher US style jails.

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27 Feb 08

From Frankie (Letter 2)

Frankie - A Mexican Mafia hitman and leader of prison "booty bandits" who has been proposing our gay marriage ever since he saw me apply antifungal ointment to the bedsores on my buttocks at the Madison Street jail, where he was held on murder charges.

An additional 15 to 40 years may be added on to Frankie’s prison sentence. Here’s his latest letter.



I’ll dee-cide cuz I’m the man in this relationship.

My friend, enclosed is a copy of what I’m being charged with.




This fuckin State of Arizona doesn’t like me at all. I was offered a plea of four to twelve years and I said fuck that. Anyway, on April 25-08 I will be back in jail going to trial. If I win I will be released on Sept 24-08, but I doubt it very much. If I lose I’ll end up with anywhere from 15 to 40 years. It’s crazy how these fuckers work. But it’s cuz of my background. Remember in 2003 I beat that case of them two alleged murders, and all that other stuff. So here’s their chance to lay me down.

As for me running the jail, that means I was The Boss, The Number One Vato. When I got there on August 17 of 2007 I received kites from the Carnalismo telling me I had the keys to the whole 3rd floor jail, meaning no one does anything without my say so. Let me say this, Tucson County jail is the best jail I’ve ever been. They feed you real good. I honestly thought I was at a nice hotel. I’m so used to that nasty Madison Street jail in Phoenix run by that asshole Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Running the jail also meant that I got access to anything I can put my hands on . . . for example, cheetos! That’s what I looked for at first. I ended up with liver, meaning a black cheeto.
Anyway, the horny guy that I am, I had to get my issue. Plus I needed someone to clean my cell and do my laundry. I would have him come in my cell and clean it. I would have him naked cleaning the floor on his hands and knees while I lay on my bunk and watched him. By the time he was done cleaning I would be nice and hard and he would take care of that too.
Englandman, the black dude was a pretty light complected queer and he loved the way I treated him. Hopefully he will still be there when I go back in April. She called herself Chocolate cuz it melts in her mouth not in her hands. And especially in her ass – mercy!

Englandman, don’t forget your husband. I still own you and don’t you forget it! Don’t make me put a hit on you and have one of your fingers chopped off. I can still remember all that hair on your ass – hey now!
When you’re in prison, slowly but surely everybody forgets you. My poor heart can’t take much more abuse. I’m getting too old for that shit. By the way, have you got you a piece of ass yet? My friend, start sending me pictures of the girls you go with in swim suits. Or even naked. I will be the judge of who you mess with. I’ll dee-cide and you better not forget that!

Give your Mom, Dad, and Sister my Love and Regards.

Much Love & Respect,


PS Take pictures of stuff in England for me, like the palace where the Queen lives. Things that are beautiful from England.

Frankie also wrote this message inside a drawing of his hand:

Dear Frankie’s Fans,

Since Shaun left me and went back to England I am a lonely soul. I have transformed myself into this piece of paper. Right now I am having sex with your fingers. Please pass me on to someone else because I’m really horny.

To learn more about the prisoners Jon writes about click here.

Does Frankie deserve an additional 15 to 40 years on his sentence for getting caught in prison with three-quarters of a gram of heroin?

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25 Feb 08

Posh Bird

My ability to keep my agreement with my sister, Karen – that I would remain single for one year after being released from prison in order to take my time to hopefully find the right woman – is diminishing as I seem to be falling for Posh Bird. I gave her flowers for Valentine’s Day, and we spent from 1:30 to 9pm yesterday at the Playhouse watching Tolstoy’s War and Peace. She came for a curry at my parents’ house on Saturday, and I spent time with her parents and brother (who is a policeman) at the weekend.

“Why do the people of our hometown call you Posh Bird?” I asked.
“Because, apparently, I speak with a posh accent in comparison with other people from this town. It came from being in work, really from one particular person, and it just kind of stuck. Then everyone called me Posh Bird. And also, when I’ve moved to a different place of work, someone else will call me posh.”
“So it follows you around?”
“It does.”
“How posh are you?”
“Not very. People who really know me would disagree. I think it’s just my voice. Do you think I speak posh?”
“You don’t speak like a towny.”
“Well, that’s good, isn’t it?”
“Yes. I think you’re down-to-earth, but one of my readers commented that you may be a bit high maintenance.”
“I completely disagree. First of all, I don’t consider myself as being posh.”
“Are you high maintenance?”
“No. I really don’t think Iam.”
“Not at all.”
“How do you feel about dating someone who just got out of prison?”
“What makes it different in your case is I know your mum and dad. If someone ever said to me, ‘Would you go out with someone who’s been in prison?’ I’d probably say no.”
“It’d be too much for me.”
“In what way?”
“I’d think, Why is he in prison? for starters. Also, because I wouldn’t need that kind of complication in my life.”
“Is my incarceration complicating your life?”
“Seriously, I’ve not thought about it completely, but at the moment it doesn’t seem like an issue at all.”
“Could it become an issue in the future?”
“I don’t think the whole prison thing would be an issue, but I don’t know your whole story. Whether that could change things, I don’t know.”
“My story is I threw parties, bought a lot of drugs and wanted everyone to have a good time.”
“And that’s it?”
“It was an Ecstasy conspiracy case. They said I was the ringleader of a criminal organisation.”
“Did you not think about other people’s welfare?”
“At the time, we all thought our welfare was best addressed by doing club drugs. I had more money than common sense, so I paid for everyone to party.”
“How is your brain not mashed completely?”
“Well, I am a little out there, aren’t I?”
“So now you know what I did, will it become an issue?”
“No, not at the moment.”
“Last time I blogged you, Sue commented, ‘Don’t let some girl come into your life and mess up all you’ve done at this point.’”
“I completely agree with Sue. But I’m not about to mess up anything in your life. I’ve got enough of my own stuff to get on with. I’m happy that you are doing what you are doing, and I want you to do well.”
“You are rather career focussed, and that’s something I like about you. Someone commented, ‘So glad to read you are dating someone who is not a psycho.’”
“I’m very minor in the psycho-chick department. But I think you’re turned on by psycho chicks. I don’t think I’m going to live up to your expectations.”
“I’m mellower these days.”
“I’ll take your word for it.”
“Jenny Dreadful commented that I may be vulnerable to the charms of unscrupulous ladies.”
“I think you could be vulnerable, but you come across not as vulnerable.”
“Damn! I’ve been working hard on trying to come across as vulnerable to you.”
“Have you? It’s not working. I would like to add that I’ve not tried to pester you too much in a way because if you do want to see me or whatever, you know where I am.”
“You kind of put me on hold last Monday, and I thought you were politely getting rid of me. What happened?”
“No, I wasn’t getting rid of you at all. I think I did it for your benefit more than anything, because I felt you needed time to think about what you wanted. I just wanted to give you the space to do that, but it didn’t really work out, did it?”
“It did not. I missed the communication.”
“Me too. I felt like I was being a bit stupid telling you that.”
“Putting me on hold?”
“Yes, because I thought we could still go out, and I’d give you the option to think about things at the same time.”
“Prior to you putting me on hold, you said your mum had accused you of taking advantage of me. What was that about?”
“Mum said that basically because, when you first got out of prison, I’m like the first woman who’s shown some interest, and apparently you just responded to that. And I suppose that was my concern as well when we put things on hold.”
“So you were being sensible then?”
“It’s not just about being sensible. I needed to figure things out for myself as well.”
“What did you figure out?”
“I don’t think my opinion changed at all.”
“My opinion was –“
“Is! My opinion is – actually other people’s opinions got me thinking about the prison thing.”
“Oh, so now the truth comes out! Other people were influencing you. And you decided what?”
“What other people said didn’t have much of an impact on how I was feeling anyway.”
“I was feeling you were a bit of a distraction.”
“In a good way?”
“You met Hammy the other week.”
“Now that he knows you better he says you’re a cracker and a good influence on me; however, his initial reaction to you wasn’t so good: he said you were a bunny boiler and a banana skin.”
“I understand the bunny-boiler stuff – ”
“A potential Fatal Attraction.”
“But what does a banana skin mean?”
“Something I’d slip up on in the future.”
“I was completely shocked when he said about the bunny-boiler stuff. I don’t think I’m that at all.”
“What do you think of Hammy?”
“I think he’s funny. I think he has a sweet side. Maybe his comedy act is trying to cover up his sofness.”
“On a more serious note: what does Posh Bird want from life?”
“Don’t ask me that. That’s my answer.”

My heart is urging me on, but I’m wondering whether things with Posh Bird are developing too fast? I'm also wondering how women feel about dating ex-prisoners?

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22 Feb 08

From Slope (Letter 1)


To Jon,

Hey you pond-skippin weirdo. What the hell is going on!?

It was good to get your letter, mmm, Guinness!! Sounds good!! Some Guinness and some hairy armpit English girls!! Let me around them and they would be walking around waving American flags and saying victory!! Beer is an aphrodisiac for an American biker!! Keep em coming, there’s enough of Slope to go around once or twice! I hope you did not tape your letter to some poor bastard and make him swim the pond! We have enough immigration shit going on!

I love the dorm life!! It’s like having 39 cellies! But the stinking cops can’t lock it down! We have toilets, showers, and a party if it’s right! Although we had us a homo, he turned out to be a fraud though, a counterfeit homo. We’ve been here 2 months and he has not gobbled a cock yet!! So I called him on it! Not that I want to hang my meat in his jaw bone. So, it comes out, during an inquisition, that he told the screws that he was gay, and everybody else that he is gay because of the homophobes, so he would not be harrassed. He really is just a jellyfish and a counterfeit fag. It is a shame. We need us an honest to goodness homo in a dorm, coffee, foot rubs, wash sox, suck cocks and domestic duties you know?
Does that make me a chauvinist? Fuck em!

Well, it was good to hear from you. No reason to trip on not being able to say good bye. I always say see ya when I see you because things have a way of doing full circles and bamm you’re face to face again!

You know they did a thing on the Tucson news with you doing an interview about Sherrif Joe Arpaio, the sorriest sheriff in America. I bet he wears women’s clothes and gets a curling iron up his ass while sniffin dog shit.

So, you gonna put stuff on your blog about me? How about putting a worldwide request for women to send me their pics. I got 25yrs in this year. And quit yankin your crank! You’re out now, get somebody else to do it, preferably female!

Well, I’m going to get this in the mail box. Have a great day and keep your head up!! Both heads! Know I have nothing but love & respect for you, you’re my pet Limey. Keep your focus. I do hope to hear from you when you get time!

With respect


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20 Feb 08

Zucchini (Part 2)

This series came about because many of you requested I divulge what prisoners get up to sexually. Those of you who take offense to sexual content may not want to read on. (Click for part one.)

“So you returned to Cindy’s cell?” I asked.
“Let’s go back,” Max said, “to while I was in the kitchen. In the kitchen, I get extra trays to replace the missin’ trays, and I put some extra food in a tray for Log. I go give the CO his tray. I’m lookin’ for Log now. I call out, ‘Hey, Log,’ ’cause I don’t wanna go to Cindy’s door and look in, ’cause I don’t wanna see that again.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Not wanting to see Cindy’s shampoo-bottle show?”
“I mean, yeah, I was fascinated by it, but the euphoria had wore off. I’m hopin’ Log will peek outta some cell somewhere. He peeks alright – outta Cindy’s. I go to the door to hand Log the tray, but he says, ‘Come in.’ He’s got Cindy on the toilet holdin’ Royal Crown Hair Dressing, which in essence is a cheap version of Vaseline, dude. In Cindy’s other hand is Log’s thing. I walk in and shut the door – and this is where it gets good, dude – and I put the tray on the table, and look at both of ’em. I want to leave ’cause I feel like I’m outta place, intrudin’. I take one step toward the door, and that’s when Cindy commences to suck Log off. Log says, ‘Hey,’ which breaks my walk, ’cause, you know, when someone says, ‘Hey,’ you stop and look at their face. I looked at Log, and he looks at me all straight faced as if there’s not another dude suckin’ him off. He goes, ‘Hey, Max, do you want Cindy to do you?’ I’m speechless, dude. Maybe they were just buildin’ up, tryin’ to get a threesome goin’ on with me. Log says, ‘Dude, Cindy is good. Look at that motherfucker deepthroat that sonuvabitch,’ And when someone says, ‘Look at that motherfucker deepthroat that sonuvabitch,’ naturally you’re gonna look, dude.”
“Especially when it involves Log and Cindy the shampoo-bottle artist.”
“So I couldn’t help but look. I wasn’t aroused or anythin’. I looked. I checked it out. I figured it couldn’t be any worse than the shampoo bottle. The whole time Cindy doesn’t say anythin’, and I’ve still not heard Cindy speak. Cindy pulls Log’s thing out, dude. Cindy’s got some precome on his lips – you know what I’m sayin’? And Cindy speaks for the first time in this Texas drawl accent, but in a high-pitched way. He says, ‘Max, I can do both of you right now.’ And I ain’t gonna lie, I’m thinkin’ about it for a second. Then Cindy says, ‘I can have both of your cocks in my mouth at the same time.’”

What does Max do next? And will the shampoo bottle get back into the mix?

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18 Feb 08

Question Time With A Blood (Part 1)

Trixare4kids wrote: To both the Blood and the Crip: Do you believe that the gang lifestyle was the only one available to you due to your upbringing in a particular neighborhood or your particular circumstances? Does race play a part? What about the people in your neighborhoods who don’t join gangs? What did they do or think differently? Without going into specific details, of course, did you ever feel bad about any of your actions or crimes? If you could rewind your life and go back, would you still join the gang? Why or why not? If you had a little brother about to get “jumped in” - knowing what you know now, would you want him to join? If not, what would you tell him to do instead? What would you tell him to dissuade him?
Bones of South Side Posse Bloods wrote:

Tha Blood.

What’s that B. like!

Let me answer some of your questions.

To your first question. No! First off my parents brought me up as best they could. But I was a knuckle head and wouldn’t listen. I moved out of my parents house around the age of 17 and 18 because I wouldn’t live by their rules. I believe everyone is able to make their own choices in life. I just chose the one my parents didn’t want me to choose. “My bad Mom and Dad.”
As for being in a particular neighborhood, no I don’t think that had much to do with it, because I have homeboys that used to gangbang hard with me, but have never seen inside of a prison. I believe one has his own business and has a family, wife, kids, etc…The other has been working for one company for about 18 years and now is married with kids. For the record, I still don’t believe I pushed him into that bullet he took in the stomach. I believe I pushed him out of the way from taking it directly in the stomach. Ha, ha. (He lived.) Shouts out to Chris G., Mark (ears).
So I guess if they could make it out of the game and be successful in the life they chose, it can’t be because of the neighborhood we grew up in. It’s free will, and as they got to their mid 20s they decided to slow down their involvement. Plus, neither of them did hard drugs.

As for me when I chose to join a gang I chose it for life! I’ll get back to that in a minute. But as for particular circumstances, the only thing I can think of is the popularity it brought. Maybe if I would of lost my first fight in high school as a freshman, I wouldn’t have turned from somewhat of a nerd to a Blood! Well I fought that guy twice. First on school grounds we got busted by security. Then we fought again at lunch time in the park. I was a nobody and he was like one of the cool kids. It was just me and two friends and their sister that went to the park. We were the first ones there, then we look towards the school and here he comes with about fifty people or more. So of course I was nervous. But after a few punches the nervousness was gone and the skills kicked in. At first everyone was cheering for him, then a few people started to cheer for me. I met a good friend there that day “One Eye Ramon.” (South Mountain High School in Phoenix.) It was a long fight with short breaks for him to put his shoe back on, for him to try and stop all of the bleeding, and for him to get off his back. About a 15 minute fight. I broke his nose and he couldn’t stop the bleeding. So he said, “I’ll fight you some other time when I ain’t bleeding.” It was over and we never fought again. So that was the only particular thing I can think of that changed my life. That’s when I became popular. Sometimes I wish I would of lost that fight. But hey, it is what it is. Now I’m a Blood doing time instead of a professional athlete.

As far as race, no it doesn’t play a part in our gang. South Side Posse Blood gang was started by Mexicans. There was also three known black guys who were related. T.T., Jerome, and B.J.. Shouts out to them for keeping it real. B-up doggs. Especially you B.J.. There was also a few white boys like Bart-Man R.I.P.. But mostly Mexican. It didn’t matter what race you were as long as you were down to ride for the hood. Shoot, one of my best friends from the hood is an Italian. And we put in a lot of work together for the hood. And I mean a lot. Robbing, stealing, fighting, shootings, jacking, etc…Shout out to my dogg Scrappy for keeping it real. Not for 5 or 10 years but for life. B-up dogg!!! We never flip, you know what I mean.

As for people who lived in the neighborhoods that weren’t from a gang, most of them mind their own business. Some tried to start a neighborhood watch. But it didn’t work because we were the ones that watch over the neighborhood.

Did I feel bad about my actions and crimes. No! I never felt bad about my crimes, except the ones I got caught for. Ha, ha. As for my actions, I feel bad for all the shit I put my Mom and Dad through, and I plan on making it up to them.

If I could rewind my life and go back would I still join a gang? Hmmmm. No and yes. No because there is little loyalty amongst gang members. Yeah, it starts off like loyalty but when the shit hits the fan, that’s when loyalty starts to fall. I’m not just talking about loyalty like we will go and ride and kill this guy. I’m talking about loyalty all the way. If we killed this guy and you got away and I’m doing time for it and don’t tell on you, I’ve showed you my loyalty. Now will you show me yours and write, visit if possible, put money on my books, through all my time.Will you help my kid or kids I left out on the streets, etc…Or if I die will you help my kid and parents out when ever possible? That is what I don’t see a lot of in the gang life. Maybe two or three out of a hundred will do something like that.
Yes, because I loved the life style of it. I’m an action junkie. But I wouldn’t join just any gang. I would of tried to start my own gang and tried to be a leader of the gang. It wouldn’t be a big one, just about 10 people or 15. And we would all have to be drug free, no dope fiends. And we would all be loyal to each other or die. I don’t know if you could call it a gang, maybe just a crew and we would be about making money. All day every day. Legal and illegal. I think where gangs go wrong is when they don’t have a leader or a plan and they do drugs. Knowing what I know now if I could I would of stayed away from drugs, that was my down fall. I never got caught when I did a crime unless I was on drugs, or had half hearted homies involved with the crime “busters.”

Knowing what I know now I would not let my little brother join a gang. I would tell him he can do whatever he wants, but I would show him all the disloyalty that’s in a gang. Then I would take him and show him a dead body and tell him this is what happens when you get caught slipping ot when your homies leave you hanging. I would tell him instead of joining a gang he should do good in school and try to become an athlete, a professional one. Because that’s where the money is at. And that’s what it takes to make it in this world. Money! Also let him know that when you join it’s for life not just your teenage and early 20s. And ask him if he is ready to die or spend the rest of his life in prison.

You see, I look at gang members like this, when you joined a gang it’s for life not 5 or 10 years. It’s not, well I’m getting older and got a lady and kids. That’s when most x-gang members get killed. Because think about it, when you were younger you killed a few people, who had brothers and good homies that loved the one you killed. And do you think if they see you 10 years later and have a chance to kill you they won’t.
Also I have homeboys that are locked up in prison for the rst of their lives, and homeboys that are dead, and a real good homeboy that’s in a wheelchair for life. (B-up Q. Thanks for being there for me, dogg.) Because they represented the hood to the fullest, what am I supposed to do, tell them that they died for nothing or tell my other ones that I’m out of the gang life because I’m in my 30s. I don’t think so! B-up to all you true Bloods and I’ll get at you doggs when I get out. And for all the phonies you are on borrowed time!!!

I guess what I’m trying to tell people that tell me I’m too old for being involved still in the gang life, is that I put in a lot of work in the past that helped put our hood on the map. But now that I’m older, not too many people that know me will cross me. Because I will if I have to go back to that brazy shit I used to do as a youngster. It’s about when you’re older to help out the fallen doggs and their families if possible. And to school the good and real youngsters. And to start to learn to stack your bread and count your chips.

Well I hope I answered your questions. B-up B.J., Q, Negro, Scrappy, Bucky R.I.P. Chapo, LAZ, Bartman and wher you at Chris G. and Dru.

Until pen meets paper again B-up


P.S. Loyalty usually ends when you’re locked-up. Out of sight out of mind.

Click here for Interview with a Blood

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From T-Bone (Letter 1)


My cool English Buddy,

I got your letter yesterday. It is good to hear from you.

I might as well tell you about the fight I had, and thank God it didn’t get out of hand any worse than it did!
Some guy came at me with a lock in a sock, and as I write, I have several cuts on my head. He walked up to me and started yelling at me about me talking about him to some other guy. I asked him to back off me, and to get out of my face! He didn’t so I took off my coat but he was quick and got the lock in the sock. I was on him in a split second, but he was quicker and he was cussing at me while he was hitting me in the head a total of 4 times, so I took him by the neck, which made him let go of his weapon and then I picked him up (only a few inches) and I drove him back into a cubicle, and then he tried to put his finger into my left eye. I then turned him over and put my weight on his body. He was on his left side, with his left arm against the locker and desk, with his head over the short wall to my bunk! I hit him with a short uppercut to the middle of his eyes (which made him bleed badly). I then pushed down on his neck which made him yell and I grabbed a pen put it in my mouth took off the top and was about to stab him in the eye and neck, and his bunkie asked me to stop while he grabbed my hand. I hesitated for a second, and he asked me to let him go because he was bleeding!
He beat my head with a lock and he asks me to stop! Obviously I stopped because I wouldn’t be here if I had continued with my first thought….Anyways, I am doing O.K.. But what has really upset me is the fact that someone had a hold of my leg while I was fighting, and also the fact that I didn’t say anything about him that was bad or disrespectful, and all I was trying to do was to get things organized about talking to the Mexicans about smoking on the runs!
Once again my friend it was all over nothing and he and I have shook hands.

Anyways, enough about me, how’s your sex life? How’s the beautiful lady who was visiting you here [Royo Girl]? My friend whatever you do about women, please take your time (don’t rush into things) make sure that she is as strong as you are mentally and physically before you get into a relationship! Please stay away from drugs and anyone who is in that world! Why, you ask? Because being around dirt makes one dirty as well, and you know from experience that you can’t trust people who are on drugs! Keep focussed on those things we talked about, and don’t allow anyone or any thing to get in your way of doing what is right!

This place is absolutely awful with living in a dorm and you will not believe how nasty some of these guys are!

I’ve met a lot of people, Shaun Attwood, and you are a good man. You have my Loyalty, Devotion, Honor, and Courage, my integrity and most importantly my Love! Peace to you, Shaun. Say Hi to Sir Attwood and Lady Attwood. Stay away from the drunks and dope heads my friend.

Peace - Cheerio, and Tip-Top my Friend

Say Hi to the Queen, and write back to me like you do to Shane!

God Bless You



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14 Feb 08

From Iron Man (Letter 1)



Good morning, bloke! It is 7:00 A.M. and I just finished an hour of yoga.

Congratulations on the radio interview and on getting your book together. I am really excited for you, and I know that with your dedication and will to power, there will be no stopping you.

Today was the first day I have been able to do yoga for a week. Everybody here has been sick. Some type of crazy virus ripped through the whole Tucson complex. Out of the 80 people here in the dorm, only two or three weren’t affected. Weird Al was one of the lucky ones because all he got was a case of the sniffles and a sore throat. Too Tall was in the hospital for a week. (By the way, Too Tall is a total homosexual now.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Kat the Navajo cut off his own balls two days after you left Santa Rita. Coincidence? I think not. He/she is back with us now, happier and gayer than ever. Someone said that Kat must not have been too nuts about his nuts. Kat claims it was just a “sowing” accident and that he still has his balls, but the cops claim self-castration, and Kat was in the hospital for several days. Plus, when I asked Kat to show me the scar, he/she wouldn’t. So there you have it.

My coworker at the tailor shop had some kind of psychotic attack and had to go to the rubber room. He had that virus and a real high fever, and it triggered his insanity. Now I am the only tailor. My job consists of taking 2 or 3 pairs of worthless pants and combining them together to make one pair of wearable pants.

This place is out of money. They only give us one roll of toilet paper every 10 days now.

I’m off to do 30 minutes of hard burpies.

Alright, I’m back. Excellent burpie session this morning, followed by abs. I’m riding the high right now, but I know I’ll crash hard soon. Man, I’ll never forget the day we worked out and afterwards you said you felt like a small animal that had been thrown against the wall – and lived. That’s good shit, man.

In Dr. S’s Creative Writing/ Critical Thinking class, one of the writing assignments is going to be on: “What gives meaning to your life?” He says he got that idea from you. I’m glad you are still in contact with him.

I really miss working out with you. I’ll never forget the times we had pushing ourselves beyond the limits of normal human endurance. There is no place here to practice martial arts, so I’m back to just doing it in my mind. Yes, the martial arts attitude, the warrior mindset, really helps you keep perspective.

There are a lot more fights here than there were at Santa Rita. They don’t even take you to the hole for a regular fist fight. Tensions are high all the time and I’ve come close a couple of times already to saying “fuck it” and kicking someone’s ass. Hopefully it won’t come to that because if I get into it with someone it won’t be a “regular” fist fight.

Well, Jon, it was great to hear from you. Write again when you have the time. Take care of yourself and stay focussed on your goals.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, and it is with Love and Respect that I am,

Your Friend,

Iron Man

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12 Feb 08

Month 2

I’ve been out of prison for two months. The mental breakdown my parents expected hasn’t materialised, but I've had some bouts with loneliness. I’m getting more used to living in England. I’m even acclimatising to the cold. My social life has picked up, but I’ll get to that shortly.

I write for up to ten hours a day, including weekends. Now that I’ve finished editing the blog, I’ve moved onto a second draft of my life story. I wrote the first in 2003, but I left out details that might have caused legal problems, or health problems for my parents. I’m thinking of dividing the book into three parts: stockbroking, raving and incarceration.

I’m continuing my education with courses from The Teaching Company. I just started The History of World Literature taught by Professor Grant L. Voth of Monterey Peninsula College.

Hammy read your comments out loud in the Ring O’ Bells. His drinking friends lapped them up. He wants to do a follow-up blog “to set the record straight.”

Some of you expressed worry over my pubbing and drinking – that I’m on the road back to my partying days. I appreciate your concerns, but I assure you that’s not the case. I’m fully focussed on moving my literary projects forward and becoming an author. Going out for a few drinks on the weekend has just been a way to expand my social life. My parents say I spend too much time at home on the computer, and they are conspiring ways to get me out of the house more often.

Aza took me for an Indian meal in Stockton Heath. Leaving the restaurant, one of the diners asked if we were a gay couple.

I've had two dates with Posh Bird, a former air hostess (or “trolley dolly” as she called it), who quit her job, enrolled in Chester University, and has nearly finished a degree in Early Childhood Studies. She starts studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in September. She has pale-blue eyes, and brown hair in a bob that brings out the prettiness of her face.
She drove us to Warrington where we watched No Country for Old Men, based on the book by Cormac McCarthy (whose The Road I enjoyed reading in prison). While she munched on popcorn, I scoffed chocolate Brazil nuts. Frightened by the psychopath played by Javier Bardem, I insisted Posh Bird hold my hand.
After the movie, we went to the Horse and Jockey, a small pub packed with old men, pints of dark beer in hand. When we walked in, the room fell quiet, and everyone stared at us. Actually, most of them ogled Posh Bird in her jumper dress. As we wended our way through them to get to the bar, they remained stock-still as if they had all been suddenly frozen holding their pints in the air. Momentarily, Posh Bird’s face took on a hunted look, until the old men turned back to the business of drinking and blather.

Last Friday, I went to the Playhouse with two friends, Iain and Julian, to watch Kafka’s Metamorphosis, a book I’ve read five times. The book starts with Gregor Samsa waking up to discover he has turned into a beetle. At first, I was disappointed in the lack of a beetle costume. But the actor pulled amusing beetle faces, and it took great strength to hang from the ceilings and walls. The play added a new dimension to the book. When it ended the audience applauded for ten minutes.
After the play we stopped at two pubs in Liverpool. Gangs of women in skimpy attrire, some in fancy dress, were roaming the pubs and streets.
“These days they hunt in packs,” Iain said.
It reminded me of a tourist destination in Spain – especially with all of the promoters luring passers-by into bars – and not the Liverpool I went to university at.
Boarding the last train home at 11:30, Iain said, “’Cause of all of the pissheads, the inspectors are too scared to check tickets on this train.” It was standing room only, and directly below me two young women fondled each other. I had to ask some drunken youths doing cocaine in the restroom to step outside so I could use it.

After the Bells on Saturday, I took a taxi to Bar Reef to meet Posh Bird. She looked stunning in a dress low cut at the back that tied around her neck. That night, I drank a couple of pints of cider and one Red Bull and vodka. We talked into the small hours:
“You’re good looking, how come you’re not in a relationship?” I asked.
“I just came out of a long relationship, and I’m just not ready at the minute, or I need to find the right person.”
“Right person?”
“Someone who’s got a nice personality. Who’s sensitive, is a good listener, intelligent, and has a good sense of humour. I have to be attracted to him as well.”
“My Mum said you’re sensible and you’d be a good influence on me. How does that work?”
“I’m just naturally sensible of course, so I’m hoping it’s going to rub off on you. You’re someone who can be easily misled.”
“Easily misled!” I said, and gasped.“Where did you come up with that from?”
“I can just tell.”

Is Posh Bird right about me being easily misled? Is she the kind of sensible influence I need in my life?

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10 Feb 08

From Frankie (Letter 1)


Englandman My Friend,

It’s been a while since I heard from you. I thought for sure that you have forgotten me.

I’m glad you thought about me cuz right now they want to give me 15 to forty years for what happened at Santa Rita. I beat 2 charges already and in April 25 my trial starts. I ended up in Pima County Jail and I was running the whole place. I even got me a cheeto there. A black one.

Fucken Cuban Boy ain’t wrote me in months. If I beat this charge that I have left I will go home this year, so don’t forget I’m flying to England. I’m done with this USA, it sucks.

If someone who will stick with me wants to write to me, then put my name out there. And don’t take forever to write. Send me some pictures, and if you can take pictures of women, I want naked ones. Don’t let me down my friend.

Tell your Mom and everyone that I send my love and respects

Much Love


PS Find me some gay guys who I can fall in love with

Take care my friend & I’m glad you’re out

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07 Feb 08

Zucchini (Part 1)

Because many of you asked for more details of what prisoners get up to sexually, I spent a long time with Max documenting his sexual awakening in the prison system. Fearing repercussions, Max asked that I wait until we were both out of prison before I posted this series. It’s a long series, and Max just gets in deeper and deeper. I’d like to thank Max for being so candid.

“I was deliverin’ chow,” Max said, “to lay-ins on Yard 3, and I see my buddy, Log, peekin’ outta Cindy’s door.”
“What do Log and Cindy look like?”
“Log’s a big dude, and Cindy’s a tiny white dude, maybe one-hundred-and-five pounds, with long light-brown hair.”
“With a pretty face?”
“No. With a dude’s face.”
“What happened?”
“I leave my cart with all the trays on the motherfucker – I know they’re gonna get stolen – and I go into Cindy’s cell. Cindy’s on the top bunk. I’ve seen him around, but I’ve never spoken to him before. Log’s standin’ next to the door, and he says, ‘Look at this.’ I said, ‘Wassup, man?’ He says, ‘Cindy, lift up the sheet.’ Cindy was layin’ on his side. He lifts the sheet, and I see a shampoo bottle about as round as a tennis ball but with serious length. The motherfucker had to be at least eleven inches, dude. Log comes over and lifts up one of Cindy’s buttcheeks, so that his starfish is in full view. Log says, ‘Hey, do that thing again.’ Cindy commences to get the bottle and slowly work it into his tiny little pucker – and you can’t just shove somethin’ that size in there, dude, you’ve gotta work it in. Well, he finally gets it in a coupla inches – picture somethin’ tiny with somethin tennis-ball wide inside it. I mean, it was sheer amazin’, dude, that it so stretched to capacity. I mean, how does one blow their O-ring like that? Does it take years of practice? Do they have sphincter control when they take a shit or do they just squat and it goes plop-plop?
So me and Log are just standin’ there lookin’, and Cindy is workin’ the shampoo bottle in further. It’s startin’ to get a little natural lube thing goin’ on. It’s so wide I’m thinkin’, If he takes an inch, he might as well get the whole eleven in there. I could’ve stuck my fist in there – and I’m a big dude with big hands – but not that I would.”
“Was Cindy making noises?”
“Of course. He’s moanin’ and tryin’ to make it seem all seductive and shit. Like that’s a turn on. Fuckin’ that would be like droppin’ a pencil down a mineshaft.”
“Are you sure you weren’t thinking about giving it a go?”
“Hell no! He’s nasty, dude. I woulda caught all kinds of stuff.”
“So what was the joy of watching this?”
Blushing and stuttering, Max said, “There was no joy. If you ever come across a situation like that, you’ll be stupefied.”
“How did you feel?”
“I don’t know, man. I’m not a voyeur.”
“Yes, in some small way.”
“Yes. Four or five minutes went by, and it was like I was a deer caught in the headlights. I was stuck. What broke me outta the situation was when Log said, ‘Imagine what you could keyster in there.’ And then they called me back to the kitchen over the loudspeaker. I say, ‘I’ve gotta go, dude.’ I’m chucklin’. I just don’t know what to say ’cause I’ve never been in a situation like that before. Do you say, ‘Right on, dude. Thanks for the show’?
I leave and my face is all red, and people are yellin’, ‘Max, what happened?’ I get my cart – which is seven trays light – and go back to the kitchen thinkin’, He didn’t even use grease or anythin'. He literally pushed it in there.”
“So you couldn’t stop thinking about it?”
“I have to admit, I was fascinated by it. I’ve seen broads in porno mags gettin’ fist fucked, but the poon is made to stretch like that. So I get back to the kitchen, and guess what they tell me?”
“I dunno.”
“That I’ve got to go back to Yard 3 to give a CO a tray. And the CO is right by Cindy’s cell.”
“Which, naturally, you happened to return to?”
“And then what happened?”
“Oh, dude, do you really wanna know?”

If you were in Max’s position would you stay away from or return to the scene of the shampoo-bottle show? And if you would return, why?

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02 Feb 08


Feeling ill, Hammy didn’t want to go to the Ring O’ Bells. He wanted to stay in and recouperate from recent benders. He invited me to his flat where he explained that recouperation involved not going out to drink, but instead, drinking at home. As he made a vodka and orange, I admired his wall-mounted bottle rack with optics.

“My mum thinks you’re killing yourself with all of this drinking,” I said. “I go out with you on a Saturday night, and you drink right through until Sunday night.”
“That goes without saying,” Hammy said. “Sometimes it’s from a Friday night straight through until Sunday. And on a Sunday I don’t even touch beer, I’m straight on the spirits. I used to drink every night and love it, and carry on till I could take no more. It was like lifeblood – the lifeblood of the universe.”
“Are you looking to quit?”
“No, it’s like quitting breathing. I’ve calmed it down a lot. I’m bored of hangovers at work, and going in looking like Mr. Cadbury’s Parrot – looking at myself in the mirror in the morning, and seeing one of my eyes looking at me and the other looking for me.”
“What do you prefer to drink?”
“Anything with a vowel in it. If you can’t pronounce it and it’s Welsh, I won’t drink it. I like getting fucking hammered – power drinking. Sometimes I step it up a gear and drink with a load of hooligans.”
“When I left for America you were more interested in women than drinking, has that reversed?”
“When I’m on day one or two, women are still high on the list. On day three or four they slip down the pecking order.”
“Aza told me you’ve slept with half the women in this town.”
“I’ve had strangers come up to me in the street, ask me my name and say, ‘You don’t know who I am do you?’ I look at them bewildered, and they say, ‘You’re me dad.’ One time I was fucking wankered – I had a full week’s growth and I’m looking like Grizzly Adams – and this girl comes up to me and says, ‘This is him. I’ve found him,’ to these young lads. I’m looking at her. I’ve got a crate in each arm and a bottle under my chin – I’m fully laden with spirits. And there’s beer and slobber running down my T-shirt. Anyway, she says, ‘You’d better start putting your hand in your pocket for pocket money for me.’ I don’t say anything. Then she says, ‘But I’ll start off with one of them beers.’ That’s when I knew it had to be my daughter. She was about fifteen. That’s going back some years. I probably didn’t remember the mum the next day.”
“What do you think of the women in Liverpool?”
“We’ll go to Liverpool. There’s so many women there we’ll get raped. You’ll end up having knee tremblers against a wall.”
“Knee tremblers?”
Thrusting his pelvis, Hammy said, “Yeah, doing it up against a wall.”
“How is your sex life going?”
“I like to have sex when I’m on drink. They come hand in hand.You missed the Hulk last night. She calls every few months for a fuck. She broke my bed riding me like a cowgirl. That’s why the microwave oven is under my bed.”
“When I've been in a happy relationship with a good woman, I've managed to get my excesses under control. Maybe a strong woman would put you in check. What qualities are you looking for in a woman?”
“It depends on what stage of the night it’s at. And in the end I always have my beer goggles on. I go to bed with Claudia Schiffer and I wake up with Margaret Thatcher.”
“Perhaps the influence of a good woman will help get you off the drink. If you meet the right one will you get married?”
“Possibly. Later. I don’t know. I’m only thirty-seven.”
“I’ve noticed that when we go out, as the night progresses, your voice slowly turns into what your friends describe as the pirate voice. You never had that when I left. How did it come about?”
“The more I drink, the more the pirate voice comes out. I can’t help it. When I’m completely off my barnet, I sound like I’ve just come back from an expedition on the Spanish Main loaded with booty from the Caribbean.”

I’m worried about Hammy’s health. I’ve asked him to go jogging, and to try to go easier on the drinking. What else can I do to help him?

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04 Feb 08

From Two Tonys (Letter 1)

Jan 26, 2008

Hey Pal,

I received your most welcome letters. I was so happy to read that you are back in sunny ol’ England surrounded by those that have got love in their hearts and minds for one of the best blokes I’ve run across in my prison years (from the heart).

Now I don’t have to tell you (but I will), stay the fuck away from all the silly shit that life will throw in your path. In simple talk, “Do the right thing.” Enough said.

It’s 6:30 AM Sat morning here. I’m going out to clean my showers soon. I’m a shower porter. Then to breakfast. I’m going to be on my radio at 1 PM to listen to you and then I’ll give you my critique. I’m looking forward to it.

So I’ll give you a quick news update. Long Island was on the TV last night. He’s in jail. He ran over a cop during a robbery. It’s over for him. Poor guy. He loved that dope and now he’s a dope for life along with yours truly. Also my old nemesis Bill Bonanno died. I’ve enclosed a clipping for you to file. He was full of shit to the end. Fuck ’im. Let the worms eat his ass. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the dead. It’s just how I feel. Why be a phony?

I’m going to break for now. Duty calls and these showers have to be cleaned, so these geeks can wash their cruddy arses and balls. Woe is me. Crime doesn’t pay, but I sure enjoyed some of it along the way. Fuck it. (It is what it is.) I’m not complaining. These fucks treat me better than I would them.

2 PM

I listened to your radio interview. I’m so proud to know ya Shaunny me boy. You’re for real. On a 1 to 10, you were a strong 9. You get them mate. Dennis Welch seemed cool and so did Todd. All the callers concurred. You stay with this. The one about inhaling the roach was the best. I’m a sicko, but I can’t help it. The rat story was good also. Like I said, you go boy.

I’m here in Buckeye. It’s not as bad. In fact it’s better than Santa Rita. Specially now that they moved them into dorms. Imagine living next to Slinglade. There’s 50 guys per dorm, 3 shitters, 3 showers. Yea. You get up in the morning, grab your toothbrush, go to put a nice brush on the pearlies and there’s Slingblade sitting there taking a big noisy shit, and there’s a line of people waiting to dump. No thanks. I’ll pass. This place is OK as far as yards go.The COs are not as picky as those C.O.D.A. COs at Santa Rita. They let a man do his time. Oh, they do their job, but a man has to expect that. But it’s nothing like Joe Arpaio bullshit.

Repo caught a murder case. Something about some dead Indian swinging in the wind. Who knows and who gives a shit. My biggest concern is what time chow is and what’s on the tube, or if I got a good book to read. Hey! I’m reading The Constant Gardener by Le Carre. It’s slow but I’m staying with it. I read Looming Towers about Osama bin Laden. It was good. Check it out if you can take time from your pubbing you bloody bloke.

I’ve enrolled in horticulture school. Yea, I’ve decided to devote my life to planting plants instead of blokes who cross me. In fact I’m seriously thinking of opening a horticulture store when I get out in 2082. But if I don’t make my release date then, oh well, it’s still a good class to get out of my single cell and keep my mind busy. That along with my shower porter job and rec 5 times a week. I keep active.

Oh yea, Jim Hogg came back and was in the cell right next to me till last week then they took him back to Tucson. (He won’t last.) He didn’t want to go. He was sad. The big dummy. He gets out in Jan ’09, “shitter time,” he could do that on the shitter.

You asked about Ogre. He’s here. We don’t speak. He’s a fraud and a pooty butt. But he’s not in my building. That’s good.

Hey, I was glad to read that you’re safe and had a good home coming with Mum and Pops. I’ll bet baby sis is happy to have her wild and raving bro back. Hey, bro, it was a real pleasure to have known ya and spend the time I did with ya. You were a bright light on a dark shore and you helped me several times when I was headed for the rocks and shoals, just by being around and helping me calm down. I miss ya.

Send a picture or two of you and the folks if you can. Stay strong, my Limey friend. Let me hear back from you. I’m excited about your future. Give the folks my L ’n’ R and tell them to let up on your leash a bit at a time.

Get back with me mate,

Two Tonys


Oh yea, you saw where Norman Mailer passed, well fuck ’im. He talked shit about our boy Tom Wolfe, plus he never put a penny on Two Tonys books. So let the worms eat his ass. Maybe he’ll be my celly in hell. I’ll give him the blues and assign him shitter cleaning duty 24/7. The fraud. And that goes for his pal Jimmy Breslin.

Hey, this Bill Bonanno was as full of shit as a Xmas turkey. He tried to write. Furgedaboutit. He sucked. His only claim to fame was his daddy, who became senile and got run out of New York. I was present when some big shots talked shit about Bill. Plus he had me put in his work. He was balless. He’s better of dead. At least the worms will appreciate his fat ass. Him and his daddy like to throw the word honor around. They didn’t have any. The scuds. Man of Honor. Bound by Honor. Honor thy Father. All titles of books. The only one with any substance was Honor thy Father and Guy Talese wrote that. Hey, I hope I don’t sound bitter, but to be honest I’m just glad I outlived the bastards. Fuck ’em.

Hey bro, I don’t want to get on a roll. I hope I haven’t already. Believe me, life is good. I’m as happy and content as can be expected. Humor helps a lot. I like to laugh, and I do everyday. I’m 67 and healthy. This ain’t a Russian gulag or Joe Arpaio’s jail. So let the good times roll. Let’s do this thing!


Hone your skills. You got good skills.

Here's the article Two Tonys enclosed. Two Tonys was an associate of the Bonanno crime family.

Ex-crime boss Bill Bonanno dies at 75

Son of notorious mafia don has coronary at Tucson home
By Enric Volante
The Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona Published: 01.02.2008

Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno, the former acting head of one of New York's Mafia families and son of Prohibition-era crime boss Joseph Bonanno, died Tuesday at 75.
Bill Bonanno, who survived a mob shootout in Brooklyn before he retired from organized crime, had a heart attack at his Tucson home and died at Tucson Medical Center around 9 a.m., said his daughter-in-law, Kathleen Bonanno.
Bonanno, a tall, sometimes charming man who liked to talk about the history of Sicily, moved to Tucson from New York as a young boy when his father began dividing his time between the East Coast crime family and a home in Tucson, where Bill attended the University of Arizona.
FBI officials said Bill Bonanno served as consiglieri of the Bonanno crime family and then as acting head when his father went missing in the 1960s.
Bonanno served federal prison terms in the 1970s and 1980s following two convictions, including one for a stolen credit card.
Bonanno said he retired from organized crime in 1968. The FBI said that was when his father lost control of the Brooklyn-based criminal organization he had ruled for decades. The organization that bore their name was infiltrated in the 1980s by FBI Agent Joe Pistone and was portrayed in the film "Donnie Brasco."
In 1980, the elder Bonanno, who died in 2002 at 97, was convicted of obstructing a federal grand jury's investigation of an alleged money-laundering scheme involving his sons Bill and Joseph Jr.
A crime novel that Bill Bonanno co-authored with retired agent Pistone and another writer came out last year.
Bill Bonanno was the focus of the best-selling book "Honor Thy Father," by Gay Talese, in 1971.
In 1999 Bill Bonanno co-produced a nearly five-hour-long Showtime series on the life of his father. A former U.S. attorney who had prosecuted organized crime when the elder Bonanno was a powerful don said the Bonannos "had a lot of nerve" exploiting their notoriety.
Soon after, Bill Bonanno published his own book, "Bound By Honor: A Mafioso's Story."
In his book, Bonanno made the unsubstantiated claim that mobster Johnny Roselli confided he shot President John F. Kennedy from a hiding place in a storm drain in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. He also recalled that he ran an illegal betting parlor with his mafia crew in the early 1960s in a building on East Broadway in Tucson.
He also took credit for arranging G. Gordon Liddy to be released from segregated lockup when they were in prison together.
"Liddy wasn't a rat like (Watergate witness) John Dean. He was a loyal soldier. I was told he would be perfectly safe."
Daughter-in-law Kathleen said Tuesday, "The mystique of the Bonanno family we did not know about because to us he was a wonderful, kind and giving father, grandfather and great-grandfather."
"He stopped at nothing to come to the aid of his children," she said. He often spoke to them of their family heritage in Italy and Sicily and took his grandchildren there.
Bonanno was celebrating the holidays with his relatives and recently wrote to them: "Nothing can exceed the joy of Christmas when a father and a mother and their children and their children's children come together in a conscious awareness of Christmas' true meaning."
Survivors include his wife of 51 years, Rosalie; sister Catherine Bonanno Genovese of Pleasant Hills, Calif.; sons Charles and Joseph of Phoenix, and Salvatore of Scottsdale; daughter Felippa "Gigi" Pettinato of Grass Valley, Calif; 18 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.
Funeral arrangements were pending with Bring's funeral home on Broadway.

● Contact reporter Enric Volante at rvolante@azstarnet.com. The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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01 Feb 08

Question Time

Sweetest Sin wrote: How is life back in the real world and away from the 'safety' of cell block H? Is it everything you hoped or is it a bit of a let down? What are your plans? is everyone stood around waiting to catch you or are they waiting for you to soar like an eagle? Must feel a touch strange for everyone.

Life is a struggle, but when challenged I am in my element. I was knocked down and I am working hard on building my life back up again. Like Doctor O pointed out, I am on a journey down a long hard road that’s going to get me where I need to be.

For the month and a half I have been out of prison, the real world has welcomed me with open arms. The hospitality of my parents, family and friends has exceeded my expectations. Not being subject to prison conditions continues to instill a natural high. The quality of my life ratcheted up, and now I am contemplating further improvements. My plan is to stay with my parents for six months or so, and then to get my own place. Whether I’ll only have the resources to get something in my hometown, or I’ll be able to move to a city is yet to be determined. At heart I am a city dweller. I fancy Manchester or London. I don’t think I’ll feel fully settled until I have my own place.

People who know me expect me to quickly rebuild my life. So far, my mum’s concern that I would suffer a mental breakdown adjusting to freedom appears to be unwarranted.

By concentrating on writing I am hoping to bring my story and those of my prisoner friends to a wider audience. I am giving it my all, and there should be some developments I can share with you soon.

My day revolves around my writing regime. I get up at ten and eat either cheese on toast or beans on toast. Around eleven I start to write, stopping only to eat, exercise, and shower. By evening, I’ve usually reached my writing goal for the day, so I move on to emails and phone calls. I feel lucky that so many people have sought me out to wish me well. Some nights I watch movies or episodes of the Sopranos with my parents. Before I go to bed I listen to lectures from The Teaching Company. I just finished a series on Nietzsche. I go to bed around one in the morning.

I write on the weekends too. But I try to get out and about on those evenings, visiting the local pubs with Hammy and our friends. I do this for a social life. I don’t stay out all night partying hard. Sometimes I go to restaurants, and next week I am going to the Playhouse in Liverpool to watch Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Many prisoners have no family or friends to be released to, so I am lucky to be able to live in my parents’ home. It is such a different environment than what I am used to, so it does at times feel strange and lonely. I am getting more used to it though. This environment is conducive to writing, and I am dedicated to moving my literary projects forward. By keeping my mind occupied, I allow little space for depressed thoughts. I am forward focussed, and I am pleased with the progress I am making.

Jose in San Diego wrote: Is there any chance at all that you may be allowed a temporary visa in the future to return to the States, say perhaps for a TV interview or an appearance on a talk show? (hypothetically speaking). Please let me know. Thank you.

I don’t see that happening in the near future. I would eventually like to be able to return to America. I am going to email my attorney to find out what it would take. As it stands I am banned for life because I have aggravated felonies. If I returned illegally and I were caught I would have to finish my prison sentence, which equates to doing four more years in the Arizona Department of Corrections. Not something I fancy.

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01 Feb 08

Prison Gangs

Dirtos asked about the gangs in prison, so here’s some information issued by the State of Arizona on gangs considered to be STGs (Security Threat Groups) in the prison system.

Arizona Aryan Brotherhood

Membership - Approximately 386 members

Common Tattoos - "Aryan Brotherhood", "AB"

Racial make up - Caucasian

Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, Homicides and Gambling.

Specific Tattoo/Symbolism will usually be the words "Aryan Brotherhood" or the letters "AB"


Recruitment of the most influential Skinheads. Eradicating their ranks of sex offenders & members who have not B.I. Increase recruitment to load up our lock-up facilities. Talk of infiltrating defectors & PS housing to assault inmates. Challenge the validation process in court. Terrorist type retaliation against ADC staff

AB By Laws


I swear my loyalty exclusively to * * * . To protect the family and promote it's goals with the resources available to me at all times. I will honor the family laws, bringing respect to all kindred through my actions. My life is this and this is for life, my oath being given it shall not be broken.


There will be a council consisting of (3) kindred. This council will reside where the largest concentration of family exists.
The council will establish and maintain the direction of the family by receiving input from kindred and enforcing the will of the majority . All major issues will be determined by majority vote conducted by council, no minority may control the direction of the whole.
The council will address all issues brought before it, including but not limited to, finances, grievances and disciplinary issues and resolve them in the light best suited to promote the goals of the family as a whole.
The council will control and determine how family funds are to be utilized.
Sub-councils may be established in other areas as needed for organizational purposes but must respect the direction established by the council.
Any councilman may be impeached by vote.


All kindred must swear their loyalty exclusively to the family, placing no thing before it in his priorities. No one shall be acknowledged as kindred until such time as he has read these laws and sworn his oath.
These laws are to be known to kindred only.
All kindred must conduct themselves by example at all times exemplifying the best qualities our folk have to offer; intelligence, loyalty, pride, righteousness and strength.
Kindred must continually strive to promote the goals of the family no matter where they are, inactivity will not be tolerated on any level.
Kindred shall assist each other in any way possible but no kindred shall exploit this generosity in any way.
No kindred may act in any manner to bring shame, disgrace or contempt to himself or family.
No kindred may act to diminish any other kindred in his person or possession except as a lawful sanction.
Kindred shall never disrespect or criticize each other in public.
Kindred shall not disagree in public unless absolutely unavoidable.
Kindred have a responsibility to communicate with each other in order to stay appraised of current goals and issues.
No kindred shall give information/disinformation to any outsider which can be harmful to family in any way, if situation is not definite, no information shall be given at all.


Baptism is the priority goal for all kinfolk. They must seek baptism at earliest opportunity, failure will result in major sanction.
Until such time kinfolk are baptized they shall not be permitted to initiate progeny, hold any position of authority or vote on any matter involving major sanctions.


All projects/business will be conducted on a need to know basis.
No pacts or business shall be honored within the family or with outsiders unless the terms are compatible with our law.
No business shall be conducted by any folk, including kindred, without contributing to the family. This contribution shall be the maximum allowable percentage of the interest, without causing bankruptcy, up to 25%.
Any business financed by family funds retains 75% of the interest in that business and may pay individual(s) 25% interest to maintain that business.


Kindred shall only initiate progeny to promote the goals of the family.
Kindred shall initiate only (1) progeny at a time but may adopt another kindred's progeny based on location convenience.
Kindred are responsible for the actions of their progeny.
Abuses of this privilege will result in sanctions.
Kindred must make his progeny aware of his responsibilities immediately upon birth, the progeny must commit to these responsibilities.
Progeny must, whenever opportunity presents itself:
Check out, orientate and evaluate the potential of all folk in his area.
Cache toys for immediate availability to kindred.
Initiate businesses or projects to stimulate capital for family.
Send $25 a month to lockdown.
Support kindred under any circumstance.
Follow any order by any kindred.
Be prepared for baptism.
Progeny life is a minimum of (2) years.
There may be a baptism prior to completion of progeny term to be applied upon successful completion of term.
Upon completion of successful baptism which is directly related to family interest with sufficient immersion, consideration for progeny as kindred will be based on a demonstration of ones ability to promote the goals of the family.
No kindred will be recognized except by completion of responsibilities and majority vote.


Sanctions will be imposed on any kindred who fails to uphold their responsibilities. Appropriate sanctions will be determined on a case by case basis and will be applied as consistent as possible.
Major sanctions will be imposed for the following: a) Treason or betrayal. b) Any act committed where a reasonable person should have known would cause substantial harm to the family. c) Kindred who use the family to promote personal agendas. d) Kindred who participate in homosexual acts. e) Kindred who suspend a baptism based on financial, personal or lockdown considerations.
Minor sanctions shall be imposed for violation(s) of law which may include but are not limited to: fines, restitution, loss of privileges, skin ups or other appropriate actions, to be determined by majority and enforced by the council.
A person is no longer recognized as kindred immediately upon finding of guilt of major sanction charge.


Amendments to these laws may be adopted by the council as needed to promote the changing goals of the family.

Border Brothers

Membership - Approximately 418 members

Common Tattoos - A Border Brother, BB, Aztec drawing of sun with 8 large flames and 8 small flames, has an Aztec God symbol in center with BB at top.

Racial make up - Mexican Nationals

Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, Rioting and Gambling.

STG Specific Tattoo/SymbolismWill usually be an Aztec creature’s head encircled by flames with eight of the flames appearing longer than the others. And/or the words “Border Brothers” the letters “BB” and/or the number”22"

TrendsFastest growing STG. Highest membership. Most validated members. Being courted by OMM. Factional differences with Calif. Border Bros.

New Mexican Mafia


Around 1974, a group of Hispanic inmates at Arizona State Prison, Florence, formed a prison gang know as the Mexican Mafia. Arizona Department of Corrections officials at that time obtained information that this group pattered themselves after the California Mexican Mafia which had been in existence for several years. Several Hispanics who came into the Arizona Prison System brought the concept and philosophy of the California Mexican Mafia.

In 1978 the Mexican Mafia split into two organizations. One kept the original philosophy and structure and currently refer to themselves as the Original Mexican Mafia, "Califas Faction", "EME". The other, which came into prominence in 1984 and is the organization addressed in this workbook, refer to themselves as the New Mexican Mafia. Many assaults and murders of members of both groups have occurred as a result of each organization claiming the title of "Mexican Mafia" within the Arizona prison system.

Members of the New Mexican Mafia consider themselves autonomous with relation to the Original Mexican Mafia and the parent organization in California. They have created their own rules and regulations and have established an organizational structure. Each member is allowed to vote on issues regarding membership and leadership. The leader, approved by the members has the power to solely decide important issues (i.e., revoke present membership or reject new members) and may approve new members without an organization vote. As of the printing of this workbook, a few influential members are consulted on major issues by the leader. This may discontinue with a change of leadership.

Membership is comprised of inmates who have many years within the prison system, some were members of the Original Mexican Mafia, as well as first time offenders. Several newly recruited members have been identified as belonging to Hispanic street gangs throughout Arizona. Most members have been documented by law enforcement as having the New Mexican Mafia tattoo. All members are encouraged to wear it.


The following reproduction of the Rules and Regulations of the Arizona New Mexican Mafia is verbatim as they exist. They were confiscated by the prison Special Security Team from a documented New Mexican Mafia member at Arizona State Prison Complex-Florence, Central Unit on 09-30-88. Two other identical documents have been found in the possession of documented members since the first confiscation. A list of Spanish to English translation have been included.



The Arizona Mexican Mafia is an organization which must consist of certain reglas in order to maintain a certain amount of discipline within its structure. In order to keep a wall defined structure of what we believe in these reglas must be met with considerable thought and respect. And since this (LA EME), is going to be what we make it, then we must meet its causes with determination & full force in order to accomplish what is best for our survival, the survival of the "Mexican Mafia", and for what we believe in as a whole, for now and for our future. It must be realized that we are our future and its for our future that we should be most concerned about, for what we do now will reflect upon the future, the future must always be at mind. We’ll strive to meet our goals and in doing this, it is remembered to honor and exist within the scope of the reglas.




When it’s become known amongst the carrnales that a specific person has the potential of becoming parte, and he meets the standards in which we believe in, then this person is capable of becoming a carnal. And should there be a vote and this person accepted, " or any person who has potential", then which ever carnal who introduced this person into the "EME’ carries no burden(s) for his future actions, if they may be vile, for we accepted as a whole so we must deal with it in this manner. It is not necessarily wise to approach a "prospect" ask if he’d like to became a carnal, if he has it in his heart to be parte then time will lead him our way. But there can be an exception; the exception being that all carnales, [on that yarda], be consulted and if agreed that person is or can be beneficial to our cause, "then that person can be approached".


This must always remain the same and should not change for any reason, and should exist throughout time without change.


This is an issue which must be looked at very closely, because without carnalismo we cannot accomplish our goals as a whole, and setbacks will be sure to arise. No carnal shall conspire or plot against any of the carnales for any reason, behind their back, Nor shall any carnal sell out his carnal[es] for greed or lust, for none of these reasons can possess the value of your carnal[es]. And for no reason shall a carnal present treachery on his behalf towards any carnal, for any reason’ since we are all carnals in the same, faith, trust and believing in one another is a must, even though some may vary. Faith in your carnal[es] is very important, it’s an ingredient which cannot be overlooked. It’s believing in him and what he stands for and in order to progress we must believe in ourselves & what we do. We’ve chosen our pattern of life, it’s only wise that we do it the best way we can.


Each and every carnal has the right to speak his mind and share what he feels is right or beneficial to our organization, and in no way should this right be jeopardized. It’s only smart to check out every issue from all points of view, this right gives us that option.


Once a person becomes a carnal he is "Parte De La Mafia Mexicana Por Vida", that is his life time guarantee. You cannot become a carnal and then choose not to associate or be a part of "The Mexican Mafia", this will not be permitted, there are no revolving doors to walk in or out whenever we please.


Upon a vote a certain carnal is to become "Our Financial Treasurer", and upon his request may have on [1] or two [2] more carnales to assist him with this jale. Those who carry on this jale are to be trusted in "every way", unless shown and proven otherwise. "This pertains to each pinta individually’. These funds are to be used solely for the "benefit and profit of the Mexican Mafia."


It’s a special honor to be able to possess "The Rose", it reveals loyalty, and faith in what you believe in: True Carnalismo. And receiving the rose can only come by way of "Muerte", in this, showing your loyalty in what you believe in, "Por Vida". And for no other reason should anyone acquire the rose.


Once a carnal is released from within the system, contact with his carnales inside the pinta should always be kept. Also contacting and associating with your carnal[es] out on libre is a mandatory issue also. The reason being, to organize and build a strong structure of what we believe in "The Mexican Mafia", our organization. When contacting or meeting with other carnales, a low profile should be exercised, for obvious reasons. The task force is aware of "The Mexican Mafia" and some of us who are involved, so a low profile and a good front should be kept, in order to prevent unnecessary harassment and possible incarceration by the law. Even though to prevent this may not be easy because of the task force full knowledge of the EME and it’s members. So it’s to be recognized that we are an organization and that’s how we must conduct ourselves, as organized figures. There’s different types of task forces but there’s one which deals in only "Gangs and Organizations" and this is the one we must be aware of and not underestimate their potentials. And also, financial foundations can be based on, [Scope of Regals IV], but pertaining to the free world.


The final decision, or the deciding vote, is to be determined by [X] or [XX], with X in the highest. This was concluded by an election which took place with the majority of the carnales present and stands valid for all purposes, and is to be recognized and respected by all carnales.


When speaking of or about anything to do con la EME, it is mandatory that only carnales be present, no outsider is to hear what is to be said, this is strictly prohibited.


These are the "Reglas" which must be considered and respected in every way; in no way should they be abused or disregarded. All decisions for penalties of violation for these reglas are in the hands of the carnales, those there who witnessed or have full knowledge of the violation [s], committed by that carnal. For deciding vote or final decision refer to, [S.O.T.R.IX]...

English Translations






Mexican Mafia





Part of

Parte de la Mafia
Part of the Mexican

Mexicana Por Vida
Mafia for life


Por Vida
For Life





The following tattoo patterns were found during 1987-88 in various Arizona State prison facilities where members of the New Mexican Mafia have been incarcerated. The first pattern was confiscated by staff personnel at the Arizona State Prison Tucson facility. The second pattern was found in the Florence facility, 06-03-87, Central Unit during cell searches following the stabbing assault of suspected original Mexican Mafia member. Since that time, numerous patters have been found and confiscated. Twelve have been found in the Florence SMU facility where the majority of the New Mexican Mafia members are housed. Information received indicates that members are allowed to use their own creative individuality for the tattoo pattern, however all "Pachas" or patterns must have the skull, double "MM" and the flames around the circle. The double M. Must curve downward and cross at the bottom. This signifies that the member has crossed over from the original Mexican Mafia to the New Mexican Mafia, if he was a member of the former. The large flames are to lean counter-clockwise and be partially shaded. The small flames lean clockwise and are supposed to be completely shaded. The rose is considered the highest honor a member can obtain. It signifies that the member has successfully completed an assault on his "enemies".

Old Mexican Mafia

Membership - Approximately 60 members

Common Tattoos - "Two blocked M's with a skull and bat wings above"

Racial make up - Mexican American

Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, Homicides and Gambling.

STG Specific Tattoo/SymbolismWill usually be two M’s. Sometimes a skull with wings protruding from both sides of the skull located above the two M’s. And/or the words “Mexican Mafia” or “EME”

TrendsCourting alliances with the Border Bros., Grandel, and Southside Posse. Still has alliance with Calif./Federal EME


Membership - Approximately 228 members

Common Tattoos - "Grandel" G with two swords.

Racial make up - Mexican Americans from Glendale, Arizona

Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, and Gambling.

STG Specific Tattoo/SymbolismWill usually be the word “Grandel”. Can also be the letter “G” which will sometimes have two swords encircling the “G”. Sometimes a cardinal will be used.

TrendsGrandel Mafia. Varrio Sixty-First (VSF) members forming internal group. Being courted for alliance with OMM

Mau Mau

Membership - Approximately 184 members

Common Tattoos - MAU MAU

Racial make up - African American

Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, and Gambling

STG Specific Tattoo/SymbolismWill usually be the words “Mau Mau”

TrendsCertified in Sept. 1998. Has resurrected after being dormant for years. Shaky alliance with African American Council. Antagonistic to United Crips Gang. Ideology is influenced by Black Panther Party, Black Guerilla Family, Black Gangster Disciples, & Black Nationalism (B.L.A.)

Warrior Society


The majority of the Native American inmates coming into the prison system join the Native American Brotherhood. The N.A.B. is a group which unites the Native Americans inside the prison system to ensure the religious practices and ceremonial beliefs can be met. Within the N.A.B. are the younger, stronger and more aggressive inmates. These inmates could be considered the “elite” N.A.B., the Warrior Society. The purpose of the organization of the Warrior Society was for protection from other inmates and STG’s in the units. Before the Warrior Society existed, the Native Americans, because they were minority, were often victimized by other inmates.

By-Laws(Directly from hand written document)

All members must be Native American

All members must be loyal to the people - unto death

All members have to put in at least 2-4 years martial arts (full contact) training.

All members must walk the Red Road

No Drinking/partying except on own time

No member is to marry a non-Native American

No members are to help out any Native American Bro'/Sis' who's in trouble whether they're in the right or wrong.

Once a member, always a member.

Jeopardizing organization or the people is punishable by death

All Warriors are to be trained in traditional & Modern war-fare techniques.

All Warriors are to be highly trained with the use of traditional and modern weaponry.

In times of personal stress - all members are to go to elders or medicine people for council without giving organization away.

Organization is to keep weaponry storage area.

No member is to use weapons in any thing but self-defense or defense of one of the people.

All members are to be fully trained in tracking, survival, etc.

Separate storage area will be kept for sacred items.

All members will enter sacred sweat lodge at least three (3) times a week.

All members are to keep them selves in peak physical condition.

Bank account is to be kept for organizations funds.

Only members of council are to have access to organization funds.

There will be an organization council made up of all dedicated wise-members.

When violence is in danger of happening - council are the ones who have final say.

All members will help & stand by each other whether in right or wrong.

All members will make monthly contributions to organization funds.

Yearly Donations will be made to chosen Native American organizations.

All members will be fluent in a few different Native American tongues.

All members will learn traditional sign language.

All members will be given names to use when on organization business.


Surenos By-Laws(Directly from hand written document)

A life without vows is like a ship without an anchor, or a house that is built on sand instead of solid rock. A vow gives us stability, balance and firmness to our character. It is our duty to practice these three commitments.

Absolute Loyalty to our Sur CalifasWe support only the Califas patch, we respect the Sur and our Varrios. We have no interests in Arizona or any other states.

Strength, Unity and Respect

Don’t break weak minded, never tell our business to outsiders. Always have your Homies back. Show love and respect to all Southern Brothers whenever you may meet.


Never smudge the reputation of the Sur, or a good Homie (s). Protect your reputation with honor.

All decisions must be reached by the committee.

NOTE: The above rules/Bylaws are retyped from an original

African American Council

STG Specific Tattoo/Symbolism Will usually be an outline of the African continent encircled by two rings. And/or the letters “AAC”. Also may use the numbers “113" (AAC)

TrendsPending certification. Black Muslim/Islamic influence (Religious issues). May be difficult to certify due to religious base. Antagonistic to UCG. Has shaky alliance with Mau Mau.

La Raza

STG Specific Tattoo/Symbolism Believed to be the words “La Raza”

TrendsPending STG certification. Believed to be the first female STG to be certified in a correctional setting. Has incidents of high violence potential. When first formed the used the name “Mexican Mafia” but subsequently adopted the name “La Raza”.

Nazi Low Riders

I, as a Nazi Low Rider, hereby swear an unrelenting oath upon the green graves of our sires, upon the children in the wombs of our wives, upon the throne of god almighty, sacred to his name, to join together in the holy union with the brothers in this circle and to declare forthright that from this day moment on that I have no fear of death, no fear of foe, that I have a sacred duty to do whatever is necessary to deliver our people from the Jew and bring total victory to the Nazi Low Riders.

I, as a Nazi Low Rider Warrior, swear myself to complete secrecy to the Order and total loyalty to my comrades.

Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should one of you fall in battle, I will see to the welfare and well being of your family.

Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should one of you be taken prisoner, I will do whatever is necessary to regain your freedom.

Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should an enemy agent hurt you, I will chase him to the ends of the earth and remove his head from his body.

And furthermore, let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that if I break this oath let me be forever cursed upon the lips of our people as a coward and an oath breaker.

My brothers, let us be his battle axe and weapons of war. Let us go forward by one’s and two’s, by scores and legions and as true Nazi Low Riders with pure hearts and strong minds face the enemies of our brotherhood and families, with courage and determination.

We hereby invoke the blood covenant and declare that we are in a full state of war and will not lay down our weapons until we have driven the enemy into the sea and reclaimed that which is rightfully ours. Through our blood and gods will, the land will be that of our children.


Westside City

Necessities of the W/S Family(These are a few things that we know most of the homeboys do without it being said, but as we have stated I the beginning, we would like to support our homeboys in any and every situation, as you’ll see by reading what we have asked of everyone.)

Employment: We deem it necessary for everyone to have some type of job, so that you can look out for yourself and a homeboy that may need something.

Education: We would ask that everyone at least try to obtain a GED while sitting in here doing this time.

Yard Stores: Try and have at least one homeboy running a store, this is so that the homies will have something to fall back on, but of course, everyone has to contribute to the starting of it.

Hygiene Excess: At least one person should have an excess of hygiene items for the homeboys just hitting the yard that may be in need of something, again, this is with everyone contributing.

One for every homeboy and every homeboy for that one: The W" is 1st priority in every situation.

Absolutely no arguing amongst homies: Disagreeing is not arguing.

All problems are to be discussed with the homies prior to any action.

Keep copies of this paper for the homeboys on other yards. Keep the homies hook-ups for communication purposes, whether they are going to the house or another yard.

Respect everyone as they respect you.

UCG’s and Crips are our closest allies, keep good ties with them unless a situation says different.

Like we said, these are some things that we feel needed to be said, whether you all do them already or not. We just ask that everyone be optimistic about this whole thing and give your individual support so that we can bring about some structure and unit within our set. There is no dictation from anyone in this, G’s and L’il Locs still hold there same rank. Much Love,