20 Feb 08

Zucchini (Part 2)

This series came about because many of you requested I divulge what prisoners get up to sexually. Those of you who take offense to sexual content may not want to read on. (Click for part one.)

“So you returned to Cindy’s cell?” I asked.
“Let’s go back,” Max said, “to while I was in the kitchen. In the kitchen, I get extra trays to replace the missin’ trays, and I put some extra food in a tray for Log. I go give the CO his tray. I’m lookin’ for Log now. I call out, ‘Hey, Log,’ ’cause I don’t wanna go to Cindy’s door and look in, ’cause I don’t wanna see that again.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Not wanting to see Cindy’s shampoo-bottle show?”
“I mean, yeah, I was fascinated by it, but the euphoria had wore off. I’m hopin’ Log will peek outta some cell somewhere. He peeks alright – outta Cindy’s. I go to the door to hand Log the tray, but he says, ‘Come in.’ He’s got Cindy on the toilet holdin’ Royal Crown Hair Dressing, which in essence is a cheap version of Vaseline, dude. In Cindy’s other hand is Log’s thing. I walk in and shut the door – and this is where it gets good, dude – and I put the tray on the table, and look at both of ’em. I want to leave ’cause I feel like I’m outta place, intrudin’. I take one step toward the door, and that’s when Cindy commences to suck Log off. Log says, ‘Hey,’ which breaks my walk, ’cause, you know, when someone says, ‘Hey,’ you stop and look at their face. I looked at Log, and he looks at me all straight faced as if there’s not another dude suckin’ him off. He goes, ‘Hey, Max, do you want Cindy to do you?’ I’m speechless, dude. Maybe they were just buildin’ up, tryin’ to get a threesome goin’ on with me. Log says, ‘Dude, Cindy is good. Look at that motherfucker deepthroat that sonuvabitch,’ And when someone says, ‘Look at that motherfucker deepthroat that sonuvabitch,’ naturally you’re gonna look, dude.”
“Especially when it involves Log and Cindy the shampoo-bottle artist.”
“So I couldn’t help but look. I wasn’t aroused or anythin’. I looked. I checked it out. I figured it couldn’t be any worse than the shampoo bottle. The whole time Cindy doesn’t say anythin’, and I’ve still not heard Cindy speak. Cindy pulls Log’s thing out, dude. Cindy’s got some precome on his lips – you know what I’m sayin’? And Cindy speaks for the first time in this Texas drawl accent, but in a high-pitched way. He says, ‘Max, I can do both of you right now.’ And I ain’t gonna lie, I’m thinkin’ about it for a second. Then Cindy says, ‘I can have both of your cocks in my mouth at the same time.’”

What does Max do next? And will the shampoo bottle get back into the mix?

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I am laughing so very hard at this moment-and oddly mesmerized?!?!? Shaun, your heading to be a porn/soap opera writer!! HA! HA! OMG!!! more! more!!

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

So many questions one does not know where to begin...doesn't seem like there's any jealousy here? Is a prison attachment like any other or are partners passed around? And, uh, how does one have the capacity physically to perform this stuff? You'd have to be double-jointed and hugely accommodating in all ways...It's like being in a hotel room and flipping to the smut channel by accident-you can't believe what you're seeing and it's hard to turn away.

Jon said...

There's much more passing around than monogamy going on in prison.

I once saw a man fall in love with a yougster who was doing the rounds. The man lost his mind and began stalking the youngster.

Anonymous said...

Shaun-Now that the guys are in a different environment-no longer in cells but a large area with many beds-how do they have any private time? Or ... do they care?

Jon said...

I'm told many things that go in cells don't go on as much in dorms. But there are always the uninhibited. Kat described some group sex that happened in a dorm.