27 Feb 08

From Frankie (Letter 2)

Frankie - A Mexican Mafia hitman and leader of prison "booty bandits" who has been proposing our gay marriage ever since he saw me apply antifungal ointment to the bedsores on my buttocks at the Madison Street jail, where he was held on murder charges.

An additional 15 to 40 years may be added on to Frankie’s prison sentence. Here’s his latest letter.



I’ll dee-cide cuz I’m the man in this relationship.

My friend, enclosed is a copy of what I’m being charged with.




This fuckin State of Arizona doesn’t like me at all. I was offered a plea of four to twelve years and I said fuck that. Anyway, on April 25-08 I will be back in jail going to trial. If I win I will be released on Sept 24-08, but I doubt it very much. If I lose I’ll end up with anywhere from 15 to 40 years. It’s crazy how these fuckers work. But it’s cuz of my background. Remember in 2003 I beat that case of them two alleged murders, and all that other stuff. So here’s their chance to lay me down.

As for me running the jail, that means I was The Boss, The Number One Vato. When I got there on August 17 of 2007 I received kites from the Carnalismo telling me I had the keys to the whole 3rd floor jail, meaning no one does anything without my say so. Let me say this, Tucson County jail is the best jail I’ve ever been. They feed you real good. I honestly thought I was at a nice hotel. I’m so used to that nasty Madison Street jail in Phoenix run by that asshole Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Running the jail also meant that I got access to anything I can put my hands on . . . for example, cheetos! That’s what I looked for at first. I ended up with liver, meaning a black cheeto.
Anyway, the horny guy that I am, I had to get my issue. Plus I needed someone to clean my cell and do my laundry. I would have him come in my cell and clean it. I would have him naked cleaning the floor on his hands and knees while I lay on my bunk and watched him. By the time he was done cleaning I would be nice and hard and he would take care of that too.
Englandman, the black dude was a pretty light complected queer and he loved the way I treated him. Hopefully he will still be there when I go back in April. She called herself Chocolate cuz it melts in her mouth not in her hands. And especially in her ass – mercy!

Englandman, don’t forget your husband. I still own you and don’t you forget it! Don’t make me put a hit on you and have one of your fingers chopped off. I can still remember all that hair on your ass – hey now!
When you’re in prison, slowly but surely everybody forgets you. My poor heart can’t take much more abuse. I’m getting too old for that shit. By the way, have you got you a piece of ass yet? My friend, start sending me pictures of the girls you go with in swim suits. Or even naked. I will be the judge of who you mess with. I’ll dee-cide and you better not forget that!

Give your Mom, Dad, and Sister my Love and Regards.

Much Love & Respect,


PS Take pictures of stuff in England for me, like the palace where the Queen lives. Things that are beautiful from England.

Frankie also wrote this message inside a drawing of his hand:

Dear Frankie’s Fans,

Since Shaun left me and went back to England I am a lonely soul. I have transformed myself into this piece of paper. Right now I am having sex with your fingers. Please pass me on to someone else because I’m really horny.

To learn more about the prisoners Jon writes about click here.

Does Frankie deserve an additional 15 to 40 years on his sentence for getting caught in prison with three-quarters of a gram of heroin?

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Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

Well, the man is nothing if not consistently incorrigible! I don't know about the fairness of the sentence, but it looks like Mrs. Frankie and your hairy hindquarters (and England) are safe...for at least a little while longer...

Anonymous said...

shut-up lady..

Anonymous said...

Incorrigible was the word that came to my mind too! What a goose! Yeah, as far as 15+ years for 3/4 of a gram? Nah, that is overboard however, he did again break the law whilst in prison, mind you. There should be some sort of reprimand but not that extreme. Like he said- they have a raw spot for him due to him getting off on the other charges-that IS apparently the case here. Really sad. But, stacking the charges seems to be the Arizona way. Question to Frankie- if they offered a plea of 4 to 12 and you don't have any hope of winning the case, why did you not take it??? What were you doing with the heroin in the first place??
Sincerely, Noelle PHX AZ

JL said...

I don't want him on my street for the brief period he would have between being released and going back inside.

I hate swaggering, trash-talking vatos like that, and don't need him around. My low-income neighborhood, and every other low-income neighborhood in the US, does not need any more Frankies in them.

Catching a heavy hit for the H is not right, but the guy will not do anyone any good if he gets out.

So fuck him.

Jon said...


America's prisons are flooded with heroin. In the various places I was housed, 80 to 90 percent of my neighbours used heroin. And if you don't use heroin, you are considered "lame."

Anonymous said...

What a character Frankie is. Good to see hi in good spirits. As for everything else, people need to stop being so damn sensitive. Enough of the "Fuck him" comments. Lighten up and move on without reading the blog if it bothers you that much. As for his new cases, well, he is a veteran of the system and knows what happens when you roll the dice. I would have taken the 4 and done my time easy, but he is going against the grain. Best of luck. -Jose in San Diego

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

One final word, because I do comment too much, and this mostly to Jose-what I wrote wasn't meant as an insult. The one thing that I think is so great reading the blog is how the inmates Shaun writes about and receives letters from show their affection for him within their own unique personalities. The letters make it even more clear. It's really hard not to appreciate that.

Noelle said...

That isn't such great news to me Shaun, but I guess to be expected. It makes my heart very heavy. Is it made there or brought in by someone? Do the Guards do drugs too? Is this a jail specific condition or does it go on in prison too? How could it be stopped? (if possible) What other drugs are there? If you have written this in your blog already just post where you have it-no need to rewrite. :)

Jon said...



Above is some of what I wrote on drugs. There's more that I've not yet posted.
In response to your questions:
The drugs are brought in mostly by visitors, sometimes by guards. They're also mailed in, especially in legal mail or books (from bookstores used as fronts).
Some guards do drugs.
The drug flow is more organised in the prisons than the jails.
It can't be stopped. It's almost as if it is allowed to happen, and it gives the guards a form of control over the users, because they know exactly who is doing what.
Heroin and crystal meth are the most common. Then coke and weed.

JL said...

The problem I have with this guy is not his drug use. I don’t care about that. I don’t like him because of his obvious decision to find his personal self-worth in the domination of other humans.

This means, if this guy gets out, he is immediately going to try to maintain his self-esteem and worth the only way he can: domination and its inevitable cousin, violence.

I don’t have a problem with many of the other people ‘Jon’ describes, but this guy repulses me, and he is an obvious danger to everyone around him. He has learned nothing from his life other than the use of force; and I’ve met way too many ‘men’ who will not be satisfied until everyone and everything around them is dominated or dead.

I stand by my statement.

Is the heroin beef proper? No. But he would have gone down on something.

Chris Phoenix said...

I have to admit... of all the fellow-prisoners Jon has described... Frankie is the one that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It seems like everyone else brings their own kind of wisdom to their situation, and everyone else interacts with people as people. Frankie, as far as I can see, does neither.

I think I'd enjoy talking with Two Tonys or Xena for an hour or two, even though I doubt we'd click as friends. I don't think I'd even want to meet Frankie.

Anonymous said...

No problem Joannie,

I respect everyone's comments and those who have become frequent know I am one of the long-timers and have never had a quarrel or combative language with anyone. Happy reading to all. I totally understand. I had to write in a crunch due to the half eaten apple in my mouth I was trying to gobble up, the great legs of the bosses secretary walking by and catching the corner of my eye, and the telephone ringing. I gotta do this without getting caught. ;)

So please ladies and gentleman, feel no ill with my last comment. I understand not everyone feels the same sentiment, but I still feel that if you don't like what is being written or who it involves, move the f**k on. (Not directed at anyone in particular). :)

Besides, I look forward to us all establishing a trip through a travel agent to meet Jon in London, get a reduced rate at a hotel, and airfare, and getting wasted on our "arses" in one of those awesome pubs!

Take care everyone. -Jose in San Diego.

Anonymous said...

"Stacking" as they call it and retaliating for convictions that were not seemingly properly allocated is the way that program works. Consider this; the way I understand it, there is more "running" in the prison system than there is in the streets, based on populous. And, what about the "kid" who was doing petty time, got a hold of some hard shit, not warned, and overdosed, what if that were your brother who got caught up on some stupid charge, and died in prison because of it, when realistically, he was possibly trying to not be considered lame. Frankie on the streets; not a pleasant thought, but there are Frankie’s everywhere, and unfortunately there always will be. Note to Frankie: should have taken the plea; probably would have gotten the presumptive 8, but at least you wouldn’t be looking at 40.

Anonymous said...


But I'm sure he deserves them for some previous digressions.

Justice has a weird way of balancing the books.

Take yourself for instance.

You get incarcerated for next to nuffing. You get a great lust for writing while chubbed-up. You write your story about prison (in and out). You make bank.

Paid In Full.

Weird, huh?